Confession Thursday

Confession The camping edition:

  1. When camping, I need four things handy at all times: Kleenex, lip goop, my pocket knife, and a lighter. The last two are crucial camping items for anyone. The first two are just my oddities.
  2. When camping, there are two things I don’t want to hear. The first is the time. People always seem to be asking, “What time is it?” I’m out there to escape such things as time. Really, who cares? It’s beside the point. The second is music. I’d much rather listen to nature while camping.
  3. I always sleep really poorly when I camp. Despite an expensive, plush Therm-a-Rest mattress and bringing my pillows, I can’t ever seem to get comfortable. Unless I’m taking an afternoon nap during a rain storm. Than I’m passed out cold. It’s weird.
  4. I can spend HOURS in complete silence watching a camp fire. To me, it’s pure contentment to spend an evening in the woods by a fire.
  5. I miss my Jeep and the places it took me. Camping as far away from other people as possible is the best way to camp.
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