When Quaint Becomes Real


It’s a quaint quote, right? I used to read these things and think, “Oh, how profound! What a great outlook!” but I really had NO idea what it meant to actually live that way. I don’t know many people who would look at that and go, “Stooopid!” I mean, I’m sure they’re out there, but isn’t that kind of positivity something everyone strives for? At least most of the time? Am I just being naive?

I know what it means to live that way now. All the lessons that have been sent my way through the course of my life, particularly in my mid-30’s (and lets be honest, late 30’s at this point), have crafted me into a person who always strives to dance in the rain, no matter how hard it might be pouring. The alternative of mired down and miserable is just not for me.

Some days I do feel like I’m drowning. Some days I feel like I’m floating easily. Such is life, right? But I know that I float more than drown and that’s because I make a choice to do so. Optimism, positivity, happiness – sometimes it’s a choice I have to make, but it’s the choice I endeavor to make every time. Except for those rare days where I just lose my shit. Those happen too. We’re all entitled.




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