Confession Thursday

  1. Confession A lack of grammar while texting is somewhat understandable. However, question marks are pretty much always necessary. And if the lack of a period or a comma leads to the statement having multiple meanings resulting in an explanatory text, isn’t it a better use of time to just include it? Drives me a bit batty, really.
  2. I get nervous before each CrossFit workout because I know there will come a point where I want to quit and think, “Why in the world am I doing this again?” But I know I’ll finish up, feel proud, and be so glad I went. That’s what helps me get over my jitters.
  3. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram I’ll stop on an image not realizing it’s actually a video. When the sound starts, it startles me. A tad jumpy, hmm?
  4. I did a poor job of staying hydrated this past weekend and, boy, did I feel it!
  5. It’s been pretty rainy the past few days causing for flash flood warnings. It brings back unpleasant reminders of the floods last fall. Let’s not repeat that fun, shall we?
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