100’s in the Hills – 2014

For the past four years a large group (I’m guessing 100 people in 40 or so 100 Series Toyota Land Cruisers) meet up in Colorado for an event called “100’s in the Hills“. This year I tagged along with some of my favorite people for a weekend of 4-wheeling, camping, and soaking in the hot springs.

On Friday afternoon my friend Sally and I spent a little over five hours heading into the mountains to meet up with her husband and daughter. That night included a pot luck with the whole group followed by a bonfire with lots of great belly laughs well into the wee hours of the morning. The following day included an amazing ride deep into the hills, a soak in the hot springs, dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and more soaking. The following day was all about another 4-wheel adventure and then the long trek home. It was a great weekend! Here, check it out:

The Peeps


Sally and I.


Her daughter Devon, who I’m lucky enough to have refer to me as her “aunt”.


And Sally’s husband, Andy, who’s been kind enough to be my stand-in manfriend for the past two years when it comes to car stuff, hooking up electrical stuff, and helping with flood mitigation. (Pretty sure he’s keeping a running list for pay-backs down the road!)

The Scenery


Just look at those colors! I love the places off-road vehicles can take you.



Lake Como really is that color. It comes from the copper deposits in the water.



Watching our group make their way up “The Wall”.


It was so incredibly lush on the Western Slope because of all of the rain we’ve been getting this summer so the wildflowers were like nothing I’ve ever seen before – blankets of them for miles on end. I can’t come close to doing it justice, so I didn’t really try. It was breathtaking.


The view from the parking lot of one of my favorite restaurants.


The view during my morning soak at my happy place.

Pretty right? I will live in that area at some point in life. At least part-time. Mark my words.

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