Confession Thursday

  1. Confession According to my nephew Landon, I own a plane. Then I, apparently, sold that plane to his maternal grandmother, Gigi. Most recently the plane is in the possession of my mom, Landon’s Nana. All of this is to say that whomever has been visiting most recently is the owner of the plane. I’d like it back now.
  2. Y’all are familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, yes? Well, I was going to post about how while I think it’s great that so much attention is being brought to ALS, I’m tired of my news feed being clogged with challenge videos. And then I saw this. Yeah. Consider me happy to watch every video I see.
  3. Speaking of things dominating my feeds…Robin Williams death was a big time bummer. Big time. However, I would have appreciated seeing the same outpouring of concern and emotion for the 20 some-odd vets who took their lives on the same day. Did you know that suicide deaths of vets from the most recent wars are higher than the death toll of those who’ve died in action? Seems like that’s the conversation we should be having.
  4. I find it totally amusing how sometimes I don’t like an original, but a cover totally hits me in the right way. Here are two examples: one, two.
  5. I’m pretty bummed that summer is almost over. We’ve had an amazing summer here in Colorado. There’s been so much rain that things have been green and lush the whole way through. I’m not ready for the cooler weather!
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