Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I rarely wrap gifts anymore. Since gift bags hit the market, that’s pretty much been my go-to. However, I fundamentally believe that gift bags make opening a gift less fun. Especially for the kiddos. That’s my lazy showing.
  2. Sometimes I see pictures of myself and think, “Does my nose really look like that?” But not necessarily in a bad way. Does anyone else see photos of themselves and have a hard time wrapping their head around a certain feature?
  3. The past few days have felt very fall-ish to me. In fact, I’ve been wearing light sweaters and scarves. I love fall, but I’m not ready for it. The weather has been so amazing this summer that I’d love for summer to stick around a bit longer. That’s weird because I’m usually VERY done with summer by now.
  4. It’s a guarantee that if I’m waiting for a call and I hit the bathroom, the call will come in and I’ll miss it. Does this happen to everyone?  It’s also a guarantee that if I’m on the phone with my little brother, one of us will need to potty at some point in the conversation.
  5. For four years I was spoiled and came home to a homemade meal almost every night. It was lovely. The other day I was really missing that so I filled up my crockpot and was greeted that night with a homemade meal of my own doing. I’ll definitely be doing that more often!
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