Confession Thursday

  1. Confession There are a lot of sites these days that require you to hit “next” over and over and over again to see all of the images in an article. Every time you hit next, the page has to load which means there is lag time – very annoying. My guess is that every click yields higher ad revenue for these sites as they’re able to charge advertisers for each click. When I hit a site like this, regardless of how much I want to read the article, I get so annoyed that I leave immediately. I hope I’m not the only one and that they realize this method is a turnoff.
  2. Sometimes I’m really excited about what I brought to work for lunch. These days generally go better than days when I’m like, “Meh, not thrilled.”
  3. I hate scheduling appointments. You know, doctor, dentist, etc. I will procrastinate the hell out of that task.
  4. Growing up we called our aunts Auntie Layne and Auntie Lisa. We’re following that tradition as new kiddos join the family. I have one little nephew who calls me Auntie Auntie and one little niece who calls me Annie Annie. Between the two of them, they’ve got it nailed. I think this is pretty cute and I rue the day they start getting it right.
  5. As far as rings are concerned, when it comes to fine jewelry (diamonds, gemstones, etc.) wearing those rings on any finger other than a ring finger just looks odd to me.
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