5 things I’m loving

  1. Love-FirePeople who understand how important other people’s time is and that it’s important to respect and honor that.
  2. Sticking to my guns regardless of how much I wanted to cave. Sometimes the long game and delaying gratification are hard to keep in perspective. But rarely are you regretful of doing just that.
  3. That one of my favorite local restaurant chains (The Mountain Sun chain) just opened a location by my house and they have my favorite thing on the menu, their crab cake burger. They don’t offer this at all of their locations, so I’m psyched they do at the one closest to me!
  4. Hearing a great 80’s cover band. They killed some awesome tunes!
  5. All of the positive, optimistic, hard-working, accountable, reliable people I have in my life. So fulfilling and rewarding to be surrounded by people like this!
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