Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I find it so completely sad when a person has allowed themselves to become so beaten down by the opposite sex that they are obviously cynical and bitter. It’s like anyone from the opposite sex is doomed from the start and put to task for the mistakes of a past they weren’t a part of. And I use the word “allow” for a reason, which is that everyone is responsible for their own actions, emotions, reactions, beliefs, etc.
  2. I get to spend a good portion of this weekend with my sister’s kiddos and I’m really excited about it. I hope they’re in snuggly moods, because I know I am!
  3. My primary love language is words of affirmation. Lately, I have this abundance of people in my life who are masters at showing appreciation in ways that really touch me. I’m feeling the love, folks! Muah!
  4. You know when you hug someone and then you smell like them for quite some time after? Each time you catch a whiff it’s a little reminder of them. That happened to me yesterday after lunch with a friend. She smelled awesome! And then I smelled awesome!
  5. I can’t stop listening to this song. Over and over and over again! If it doesn’t catch you the first time, listen again with your eyes closed. There’s something about the beat…
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  1. Piper

     /  November 20, 2014

    Love this one too:

    It’s actually my ringtone — their is just something about her music!!


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