5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireThat my sister got a bit tipsy on Thanksgiving. It made for a highly amusing evening! She was cracking me up.
  2. Hearing what everyone is thankful for before diving in to our Thanksgiving meal. Even my little niece got in on it by saying, “Deet do” (thank you) to all of us individually. The grin on her face was hilarious. She was SO pleased with herself.
  3. Running into an old friend at church and being able to be the sounding board she needed.
  4. Having all of my Christmas shopping done and paid for!
  5. Yesterday. It was super cold so I spent the day snuggled up in bed reading, listening to classical music, and drinking tea while a pot roast cooked away filling my house with amazing smells. It was pretty great.
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