Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Enjoying Christmas music is entirely conditional for me. Example: there’s a local station here that plays nothing but Christmas music for the month of December. Well, it used to be the month of December. They started weeks early this year. Anyway, I flipped to that station on Thanksgiving to hear “Santa Baby” (my absolute least favorite ever! Don’t sexualize Santa, folks. Seriously.) and thought, “Aw come on! What the?” The next day I’m out running errands, flip to the same station and thought, “Aw yeah! Love it!”
  2. I make a killer pot roast. The awesome leftovers take away the sting of cooking something for six hours and then eating it in 10 minutes. Isn’t that so annoying?
  3. T-minus 11 days until my brother and his family arrive for Christmas. Nope, not excited at all.
  4. I’m planning on doing some baking this holiday season for the first time in several years. When your kitchen is itty-bitty, baking is hard. But I’m going for it. I love to bake!
  5. When I’m eating distractedly and I think I have another bite of something I’m really enjoying and then I look down to see it’s all gone, that bums me out. On the flip-side, when I think I’m all done with something and I look down to see another bite, that’s pretty awesome.
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