5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireCombining three vacation days with weekends and holidays to have a consecutive nine days off. Ahhhhh…..
  2. Leisurely strolls through Target. I’m usually itching to get out of there, but there was no one in there yesterday evening, so I took my time. I rarely enjoy shopping, so this was not the norm.
  3. Getting my mom’s help wrapping presents the other night. She cares way more than I do how all of that comes out and she was pretty cute while helping me. Once a mom, always a mom!
  4. The candle lighting ceremony at the Christmas service at church. It’s breathtaking and I always get choked up looking out and seeing all of those bright lights.
  5. White chocolate peppermint meal replacement shakes from AdvoCare. These suckers sold out in about a day, so I’m lucky I got any at all. I’m rationing them. They are so good! Next year, I’m stocking up!
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