Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I can’t ever keep Star Trek and Star Wars straight. I know the differences between them, for sure. But I confuse the names all the time.
  2. While at Star Wars recently, I noticed something interesting about the previews. They were either about death, destruction, and the horrors of humanity, or they were about upcoming animated movies aimed at kids. I think I’ll stick to the kid movies.
  3. I don’t often wear my nails long. They kind of creep me out when they’re long. Anyway, the minute one of them breaks, all of them go. I definitely can’t stand one short one when the rest are long. Throws the symmetry right off!
  4. Given that I’m not very tall, I have crazy long legs. It’s getting increasingly harder to find pants that are long enough. Most pants make me look like I’m waiting for a flood.
  5. I don’t like wearing business attire. I feel like there’s almost no way slacks/dress pants are flattering on any woman.
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