5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireBeing around a group of people who understand the power of positivity, integrity, and service to others. And that everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone.
  2. Honest, direct people who tell it like it is because they know that’s really one of the most helpful, loving things you can do for people, ultimately.
  3. Some incredible meals (the nachos at Stout Street Social are the best I’ve ever had and the pizza and wings at The Good Son are insane) this past weekend before kicking off a 24 Day Challenge today.
  4. A man who cooks! My guy does a great job in the kitchen and I really enjoy doing meal prep for the week along side him.
  5. That my new couch is so comfy that passing out on it after a long day and sleeping for five straight hours didn’t make me feel sore and unhappy when I woke up.
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