Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Lately I’ve been cutting as much negativity from my social media feeds as possible. Alternatively, I’m seeking out the positive, affirming groups and such to follow. Life has enough inherent hardship without seeking it out.
  2. I keep seeing these really cute dresses and shirts online. But then I see the back of them and realize there’s NO way to wear a normal bra. I hate bras. I especially hate wearing non-normal bras (i.e. strapless bras, pasties, etc.). Designers, please stop doing this!
  3. In my 9-5er, I work on websites. (That’s the super easy explanation.) I get a huge sense of instant gratification doing so. You do some work, hit save and boom! It’s all out there to be seen.
  4. If there’s one thing I wish everyone in my life understood it’s that nobody makes you feel anything. How you feel about something is your own choice.
  5. My snooze button and I have a really bad love/hate thing going. I love to take my time getting up and moving in the morning, but it’s such a bad habit. Whenever I’m forced to pop right out of bed and get going, my mornings are so much more productive. My snooze button and I might need to break up.
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