Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve discussed before how what I watch before bed usually ends up in my dreams. As you can imagine, this can go really well or really poorly. Lately we’ve been watching all the Iron Man/Thor/Avengers movies so I can get caught up before the next one comes out. I’ve been having such active, vivid, crazy dreams that it’s making it hard to sleep!
  2. I might have a new addiction to mashed cauliflower. (Think mashed potatoes with regard to creaminess and consistency.) I know it sounds weird and like it might be gross, but it’s so far from it.
  3. I get really fed up with and bored of texting easily. That’s why I love voice to text. I’ve definitely learned, however, to check something before I send it as some weird things can happen. The other day my phone turned “soy and dairy” into “Steve and Terry”. That would have been confusing!
  4. I’m doing a TON of personal growth work right now because I know that to get what I want in life, I need to become more and become worthy of it. It’s hard, but incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.
  5. I’m working on plans for my 40th birthday right now. FORTIETH! Where does the time go?
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