Confession Thursday

  1. Confession It’s possible that the time I spend in the gym today might be the only thing that keeps me sane.
  2. Speaking of the gym, I get kinda bummed when I’m having stellar hair day and I know I’m going to wreck it in the gym by having to put it up so it’s off my face and neck.
  3. I’m having one of those days where I’ve lost perspective on the present moment – something I’ve gotten pretty good at maintaining lately. I have so much to do over the next several weeks and my mind is spinning out of control on all of it. Ever had one of those days?
  4. I burned my shins pretty badly a few weekends ago on the beach in California. (It was a marvelous day with one of the most special women in my life.) I’ve been trying hard not to pick at the peeling skin on my legs, but it’s a battle I’m losing. I love picking peeling, dead skin. Gross? I know.
  5. The weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend and I can’t wait to spend a little time on my new patio!
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