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I’ve been wanting a new, brown leather bag for a while. I think I might just need to cave. But I’d like your opinions, please…







Everyone should watch this

Driving to the airport the other day I was stuck behind a woman weaving all over the road. I tried like hell to stay as far away from her as possible, but I seemed destined to be right behind her no matter what I did. So I backed way off and gave her as much room as possible. In one of my attempts to get away from her, I wound up right next to her. She was texting like a mad woman. Big shocker, right?

Watching this video really struck a chord with me. As a friend of mine pointed it, it’s something everyone should watch. I think we all have a tendency to take everyday actions, like driving, for granted. There’s absolutely nothing you have to say to someone that can’t wait for a safe moment to say it.

I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to online videos. This one is worth every second.

Paranoid or prepared?

My little brother and I often “joke” (there’s truth in all sarcasm) about our Armageddon plan. It involves he and his wife getting their asses to Colorado (not sure how exactly) as quick as possible and then a posse of us will either hunker down or head for the hills.

Let’s examine that word, Armageddon. One definition is, “A decisive or catastrophic conflict.” According to a friend of mine, who’s spent a lot of time with the Mayan peoples on the Yucatan Peninsula picking their brains, the Mayan belief of Armageddon is that it will be the end of the world as we know it – not the end of the world. Big difference.

Recently, the manfriend and I have had several discussions about what we need to do to stockpile some goods in case of an emergency situation. Things like candles, water, rice, extra dog food, canned goods, a generator, etc. He’s been talking this talk for awhile while I’ve chosen the head in the sand approach. I’m switching my tune.

Some of you reading this might think, “Eh, you’re just being paranoid!” Until recently, my aversion to taking this idea of stocking up and making a plan has been more because I was choosing to be naive or not wanting to admit that something catastrophic might happen. It’s also because I believe that what you focus on, you can manifest. Therefore, I made a decision.

I’ve added to my daily mantra a section about living a long, happy, healthy life free from trauma and catastrophe (aka my way of accounting for the manifesting). I will also chose to be well-stocked and well-planned because being prepared never hurt anybody.

Now, for those of you who think the manfriend and I are paranoid, I encourage you to join me and take your head out of the sand also. All you have to do is look at Japan right now. Tell me those people aren’t in the midst of an Armageddon of some sort.

Reading Month Recap

You might remember that the manfriend and I decided to turn the TV off for the entire month of February. Weeelll, we did pretty good. Below is a recap.

Books Read

  • The Help (really great, fast read.)
  • Half of The Invisible Man (sucker kept putting me to sleep.)
  • About 20 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo (I’m sticking with this one and will finish it in March.)

Movies/TV Watched

  • Salt (we liked this Bourne Supremacy-esque movie. Although, the beginning of unrated director’s cut was a bit much.)
  • Inception (one of the best movies we’ve seen in awhile. It’s back at the top of the Netflix queue as we need to watch it again to catch nuances we surely missed.)
  • Cirque du Freak – The Vampire’s Assistant (interesting to say the least.)
  • Dinner for Schmucks (awful – just god awful. Steve Carell and Paul Rudd should be ashamed.)
  • The entire second season of The United States of Tara (man, I love that show. Toni Collett rocks and I’d watch John Corbett read a phone book.)

As for the manfriend, he read a bunch of titillating books/pamphlets on gardening. He’s a wild one, that boy. Get this, he bought one type of tomato seed for its roots and another type for its fruit and then he’s going to graft them together. He’s such a NERD, right?

So, not TOO bad. But certainly not a month of NO movies/TV.

Can’t. Stop. Watching.

I love this video. I’ve watched it countless times. It’s something about his voice and her confidence. And her line about whistling just melts my heart.

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