5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireSometimes saying ‘no’ isn’t good enough for my niece and she has to give you a lecture in pure gibberish to drive home the point. This lecture is complete with a shaking head and butt complimented by shaking her hands in a lazy jazz hands sort of way. She’s spicy, that one.
  2. Weekends away with some of my favorite people in one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado. (There will be full details here in another post…)
  3. Coming home to a clean house. I was smart enough to clean up and get everything organized so that when I got home late last night, I walked in to an immaculate home.
  4. My bed. I know I’ve said this before, but there’s something so great about crawling into your own bed after being away for a few days.
  5. That first shower after a weekend of camping. It feels so good!

Confession Thursday

Confession The camping edition:

  1. When camping, I need four things handy at all times: Kleenex, lip goop, my pocket knife, and a lighter. The last two are crucial camping items for anyone. The first two are just my oddities.
  2. When camping, there are two things I don’t want to hear. The first is the time. People always seem to be asking, “What time is it?” I’m out there to escape such things as time. Really, who cares? It’s beside the point. The second is music. I’d much rather listen to nature while camping.
  3. I always sleep really poorly when I camp. Despite an expensive, plush Therm-a-Rest mattress and bringing my pillows, I can’t ever seem to get comfortable. Unless I’m taking an afternoon nap during a rain storm. Than I’m passed out cold. It’s weird.
  4. I can spend HOURS in complete silence watching a camp fire. To me, it’s pure contentment to spend an evening in the woods by a fire.
  5. I miss my Jeep and the places it took me. Camping as far away from other people as possible is the best way to camp.

5 things I’m living right now

  1. Love-FireA weekend away in the woods! It was SO much cooler up there than down here and I was glad to escape the heat and spend some time out in nature.
  2. Having my niece Farrah as my shadow for most of the weekend. She’s a sweet little person and I just adore her. She’s at that great age where she’s starting to really interact and communicate. It’s so great!
  3. Jamaican jerk chicken cooked over the campfire. My sister really goes all out on the camp cooking and I really appreciate that.
  4. Mosquitos. Gosh, I just love those little suckers. They’re so cute and pleasant to be around. (Okay, I’m lying. But I’m hoping to employ the powers of reverse psychology in hopes they leave me alone next time. I got CHEWED out there, people.)
  5. The sound of water rushing by all weekend long. Yes, that meant more mosquitoes, but I’ll chose camping near water any day over not.

* After I posted this, a friend pointed out my typo in the title! I’m leaving it.

Getting it from all sides

My younger siblings have a knack for driving me insane. It’s always been this way. It’s a favorite past-time of theirs. It’s our dynamic. Logan is especially good at this, but Mallory can definitely hold her own. Case and point:

(This conversation happened via text. My sister is trying to convince me to leave work early for a camping trip, which I don’t really want to do):

Mallory: Leave work early, dude

Me: I might be able to leave a bit early, but not super early

Mallory: Leave at 2:00

Me: It would be more like 4:00, little mama

Mallory: No. Tell them you’re sick.

Me: They know I’m planning on camping – it’s too obvious.

Mallory: Call-in in the a.m.

Mallory: Do it

Me: Argh! Mallory! I’ll see what I can do about leaving early, but not the whole day!

Mallory: Do it

Mallory: Do it

Me: Oh. My. God.

Mallory: Do it

Me: Lol

Me: We’re all bringing wood, right?

Mallory: Yup

Me: I hope we get a close spot

Mallory: Chill out mama bear…leave early. Do it

Me: Me leaving early will have no bearing on the spot we get

Mallory: It will effect the level of stress of your drive. Do it

Me: Stop. I’ll do my best!

Mallory: Do it…sorry. Logan’s possessed me.

Me: Apparently.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps!

5 things I’m loving right now

lovehandI spent the weekend camping with some good friends and their family. It’s the first time I’ve camped in over two years, which is sheer madness, but things like fire bans, neck surgeries, etc. made camping hard. Anyway, three days up in Redstone Colorado was lovely and gave me tons to love!

  1. The fact that my new coat kept me totally warm despite the SNOW and chilly temps we encountered. In fact, I got up to answer the call of nature early one morning and was so in awe of my frosty surroundings that I decided to take a stroll. I was wearing  just my long underwear and that coat and was totally toasty.
  2.  Chilaquiles! What an amazing breakfast on a cold morning.
  3. Finding an amazing BBQ place in a tiny town called Marble. Seriously, if you ever find your self in Marble, CO stop at Slow Groovin’ BBQ and order the Hillbilly Nachos. To die for.
  4. Seeing the the iconic Crystal Mill up close and personal. So beautiful.
  5. The views. Honestly, this area has some of the best views in Colorado, without a doubt. Breathtaking.
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