5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireCombining three vacation days with weekends and holidays to have a consecutive nine days off. Ahhhhh…..
  2. Leisurely strolls through Target. I’m usually itching to get out of there, but there was no one in there yesterday evening, so I took my time. I rarely enjoy shopping, so this was not the norm.
  3. Getting my mom’s help wrapping presents the other night. She cares way more than I do how all of that comes out and she was pretty cute while helping me. Once a mom, always a mom!
  4. The candle lighting ceremony at the Christmas service at church. It’s breathtaking and I always get choked up looking out and seeing all of those bright lights.
  5. White chocolate peppermint meal replacement shakes from AdvoCare. These suckers sold out in about a day, so I’m lucky I got any at all. I’m rationing them. They are so good! Next year, I’m stocking up!

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireHaving one of my favorite restaurants open a new location in my town! The Longs Peak Pub and Taphouse is amazing.
  2. Going trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew as well as some friends and their kids. Watching the little, little kids get the hang of the whole thing was pretty cute. After each house, they’d get really excited. It was freaking adorable!
  3. The church band’s cover of one of my favorite songs. It was all I could do not to stand up and two-step in the aisles. (I did rock out pretty hard in my seat, I tell you what!) They nailed it!
  4. Getting extra sleep Sunday morning due to the time change, which was the silver lining to the fact that it was dark, dark, dark by 5:30 p.m.
  5. A Sunday full of good food like pumpkin spice protein pancakes (recipe) and stuffed sweet potatoes (recipe). Good, healthy food is a beautiful thing!

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireOpen-minded people who are able to perceive genuine passion and caring and then make a leap to better themselves based on that perception.
  2. Standing up for myself.
  3. When church services have a parental warning because they don’t sugar coat things or pull punches. I appreciate direct, authentic, difficult conversations that put people, myself included, to task.
  4. The excitement my niece and nephew have when I show up to spend time with them. Hanging out with my sister and her family fills me up.
  5. The impressive cheeks and rolls my littlest niece is working up. I’ve convinced myself she’s doing this all for my benefit so I’ll have something substantial to chew on when she comes to visit for Christmas.

The Ripple Effect

yeahI can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I moved out of my place with the ex-manfriend and embarked on the craziness that is my current life. It’s been a weird, but awesome, two years.

What got me thinking about all of this is getting ready to re-sign my lease at my little place for another year. That simple act got me reflecting on the ripple effect of the decision to move out and forward. A decision that led to…

  • a relationship that taught me a lot, which…
  • provided the platform for a second car accident, which…
  • has, in addition to my first accident, taught me a lot about my body, which…
  • got me interested in finding new ways to move my body, which…
  • led me to dancing, which…
  • took me out of my comfort zone and brought me endless joy and a new community full of some awesome friends, which…
  • opened me up to the idea of challenging myself in other ways (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.), which…
  • led me to church, which…
  • led me reconnect with an old friend after service one day, which…
  • led me to trying the 24 Day Challenge and pursuing the business side of AdvoCare, which…
  • led me into and new, awesome community and feeling empowered and confident in my body in a way that I’ve never experienced before, which…
  • led me to wanting to seek out even more challenging ways to live and stretch my comfort zone, which…
  • led me to CrossFit, which…
  • has put me solidly on the path of the most fit and healthy I’ve ever been – something I’ve dreamed of for many, many, many years.

Everything has a ripple effect. Everything leads to something else. The hardest things we do in life often lead to the most abundant life we could ever imagine.

All of that is to say: if that one decision hadn’t been made, I’d not be the person I am today. I wouldn’t know the people I know or be involved in some of the most amazing communities, which feel more like family, this area has to offer. While the past two years have been extremely difficult and frustrating in many ways, I wouldn’t change any of it.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireImpromptu meet-ups with friends on lovely summer evenings.
  2. Getting a ton of stuff done before midday on Saturday. Productivity feels good. Especially when a day of it facilitates laziness the next day!
  3. Good messages served up with humor, reality, and authenticity in church this weekend.
  4. Freshly painted toenails.
  5. Spending an amazing Sunday evening on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. On top of all of the good food options, it’s a mecca for people watching during the summer.
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