#Reverb11 – Tick Tock

{For the month of December a fellow blogger, Melanie, and I are leading  #reverb11 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 6. Tick Tock: What is your favorite time of the day and why?

My favorite time of the day is whenever I arrive home to stay. Whether it’s on a weekend or during the week, to me, there is nothing better than walking through the door and knowing I don’t have to walk back out of it for a good long while.

For one, I’m greeted by an excited pooch who’s always wiggling, practically out of her skin, in excitement to see me. Two, I get kisses and a “nice to have you home” from the manfriend. And three, I get to put on my comfy clothes.

I’ve discussed before just how much I love dropping the appropriate clothing of the day for the comfy clothing of my home. Putting on my comfy clothes signals that I can just relax and settle in for the rest of the day. It’s like a deep sigh for my whole body.

What’s your favorite time of the day?


Monkey feet

Yes, I’m one of those people. You know, those people who wear those ridiculous Vibram 5 Finger shoes? Yes, they’re hideous. But (you knew there was a but, right?), they’re so comfy and so good for you!

When these ugly puppies first hit the market, I was appalled. I mean, really, they’re so damned ugly it’s almost criminal. Then I started seeing all sorts of articles, videos, etc. about the poor effects shoes have on the body. And I became more and more intrigued.

I’m a firm believer that everything in the body is related to everything else. I also believe that the body is pretty well architected. Therefore, it’s not shocking to hear that poor feet lead to poor ankles that lead to poor knees that lead to poor hips that lead to a bad back. The feet are our foundation, people. Pretty important, no?

So when we go and put them in shoes that restrict the foot’s range of motion, it’s ability to bend and flex, it’s ability to react to terrain and do what it’s designed to do, there will be implications. Pretty much any time you mess with nature, there will be consequences, right?

Anyway, I gave in and bought a pair. They’re horrifying, but they feel so great! I wear them to run errands (man, the looks I get!), to walk Stella, to do yard work – basically anytime I can that’s not a total middle-finger to our social norms and mores. I hope to get to a point where I’m hiking in them this summer. But you have to start slow and build up to wearing them a lot because they allow you to use muscles not typically used in regular shoes. I do notice some soreness in my calves after wearing them, but I also notice how my arch is getting stronger and how my knees and ankles are feeling better than they have in quite some time.

In case you’re wondering, the manfriend finds these absolutely repugnant. If we break-up, these shoes will likely be the cause. But I’m standing firm. As for those of you reading this who might never speak to me again (a.k.a. Aimee and Sara), I’ll still love you.

Worth every penny

I know I just posted about boots. I know. But I love boots.

In fact, I’ve posted a few times about boots (here, and here).

I own a lot of boots. Lemme count…yep…nine pairs not counting my Bogs, hiking boots and Sorrels.

I have a new fave:

Now, I don’t like to play favorites, but these boots leave me no choice. I pined after them for a couple of years (YEARS, people). I just couldn’t justify the cost. Then in job transition I was paid out for some vacation time. Couple that with a $100 gift certificate to Nordstrom and BOO-YAH! They are so comfy (like slippers) and they go with everything.

What I’ve learned with boots is this – spend the money, treat them well, get them re-soled here and there, and they will last you a lifetime. And bottom line? Frye is a great shoemaker and their product is worth every penny.

I have NO buyer’s remorse. I have the opposite and am working hard not to run out and buy these as well:

I fret it’s a loosing battle.

A happy dog and happy feet

This is a story and a recommendation all in one. Clever, right?

The story: This weekend has do go down in history as a banner weekend for Stella. It started with a trip to the spa (oooh la la) on Saturday for the works. She came home all sorts of jaunty and pleased with herself smelling sweet, looking shiny, and feeling soft. Because of this state of affairs, she was allowed to sleep on the bed – one of her most treasured treats ever (she even says so herself). Then on Sunday she was taken for a super long walk and got to chase the ball through fresh powder. She was pleased as punch!

The recommendation: while on this walk, it occurred to me that I need to tell you guys about Bogs!

Some of them are cute:

Some of them are not as cute:

All of them are incredible comfortable, warm up to -40 (a plus here in CO lately), and heavy on good tread. I opted for the not so cute variety as I need them to be as utilitarian as possible for camping and winter wheeling. Yes, we four wheel in the winter – in the snow. It’s a riot. Anyway, if you live anywhere where you get cold-ass temps and snow, these are the best snow boots you could ever hope for. I promise.



Etsy Shop of the Week: Spun

I’m going on a much needed beach vacation soon (27 days and counting). I’m trying hard not to blow a bunch of money before I leave on vacation clothes. I started to get a head of myself a few months back and made a list of things I needed (yes needed, or so I thought) to buy before we leave. And then I assessed my closet. Yeah, I already own a ton of sundresses and the like so I scratched those off the list. Bathing suits? Check. Flip flops? Got ’em. And so it went scratching things off. Acknowledging what I already have and not going out and blowing a bunch of money on things I don’t really need is a somewhat new concept to me. I was very proud of myself and it felt good to widdle that list down to just the essentials.

And then I came across Spun. I love their stuff! It’s perfect for vacation and perfect for summer. See? That’s how I justify it. Buying something I know I’ll pretty much just use for vacation or just use occasionally is something I can’t really justify. But if I can see myself using it a bunch, well then I’m on it!

I bought a dress similar to what you’ll find at Spun last fall. I wore the heck out of it while the days were still warm and long and can’t wait to pull it out again this year. So, I figured why not add to that collection a bit? Yes, some of the shapes are akin to a potato sack and may not be all that flattering, but when the thermometer measures anywhere above 80, flattering goes out the door and cool, comfort is all I care about. But if the potato sack quality really bugs you, imagine pairing these clothes with cute sandals and a belt and there you have it! Oh, and sorry for the creepy mannequins. Just focus on the clothes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Items range in price from $39 to $49.

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