Favorite site of the week: Dooce.com

I’ve really had to restrain myself from blogging about this one yet.  I wanted to wait until I felt like enough people (although more are welcome, so spread the word my lovelies!) were reading this site before bestowing this gift upon you. “Gift?”  You say.  “Isn’t that a bit lofty? What makes you so sure a blog is a gift?” You continue.  Trust me, this site and what you’ll find there is a gift.

I’ve become so addicted to Dooce.com that I check it daily.  Okay, okay.  Sometimes several times a day.  It’s like a drug or, ooh, ooh, even worse – it’s like candy!  I just can’t seem to kick that sugar habit.  Anyway, back to Dooce.  She was recently named number 26 on Forbes list of the top 35 most influential women in media for 2009. Let’s be clear here.  This woman, Heather Armstrong, blogs about her life. She does this from home.  Her husband also works from home on the blog.  Dooce.com is how they support their adorable family.  How awesome is that!?

What makes this blog so great, and such a powerhouse in the blogosphere, is that Dooce is candid, funny, insightful, a talented writer, and a woman I would love to have a glass of wine with.  I’m pretty sure most of her readers would love to have a glass of wine with her.  She should run a contest or something.  She’s an everyday woman sharing her life in a way that feels like you’ve just received a hilarious email from your eccentric friend, Heather.  And she’s powerful, but she uses her power for good (read that whole entry and you’ll see what I mean). She’s also open about the fact that she’s got haters – people who leave her awful comments about what a horrible person she is.  She still manages to take this in stride and put an amusing twist on the situation. If you start reading this blog, you’re sure to become addicted as well.

Plus she posts wonderful pictures.  I want to steal her dog.  Should I not have just said that?


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