Confession Thursday

  1. Confession While I know the saying “bless his/her heart” is actually a passive aggressive slam (i.e. “he’s so dumb, bless his heart”), especially in the south, I say it all the time and actually mean it. I might need to find a new saying so I adequately communicate, huh?
  2. I hate cardio. Hate. It. Running? Torture. Now, lifting – lifting I love. (Although, I had the occasion to take a jog while in Texas and the lower altitude definitely made a difference. I almost enjoyed that jog. Perhaps the altitude is the issue…)
  3. My primary Love Language is “words of affirmation”, so this article really struck me. I’m going to make it more of a priority to know the love language of the major players in my life. Seems like properly nurturing people you care about, no matter what their role in your life is, can only be beneficial to everyone involved.
  4. I’m still dealing with accident stuff both legally and physically. The physical side will be with me for life (good times), but I’m really looking forward to the legal side wrapping up. It’s pretty draining.
  5. I’ve got a few concerts on the books in the next month and I’m super excited to hear some awesome live music! There’s been too little of it in my life this summer.

Confession Thursday

Confession The “kinda awesome” edition:

  1. There are days when I leave my house at 8:30 a.m. knowing I won’t make it back before 11 p.m. I leave with my purse, food bag, laptop bag, workout bag, and clothes for dancing. Days like that will require three outfit changes, a mid-day shower after working out, and four meals outside of my house. I leave feeling like a bag lady who lives in her car. It’s kinda awesome.
  2. Somewhere over the past eight months I’ve stop letting emotions factor in when making decisions about food. I almost always make the healthy choice and cheat meals are generally planned instead of an occurrence of happenstance based on emotion. It’s kinda awesome.
  3. I’m finding things I’m really good at in CrossFit. Yes, I once professed I would NEVER do CrossFit. (Reason #432 why “never” is a bad word choice.) Anyway, I’m really enjoying it and feeling very empowered. It’s kinda awesome.
  4. It’s been raining here everyday for a few months now. Things are lush and green. The state isn’t on fire like it has been over the past few summers. The temperatures have been cooler than in recent years. It’s kinda awesome.
  5. While this year is flying by, it means the workweek is also flying by so it feels like there’s less time in between busy weekends. It’s kinda awesome.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Lately I stop and realize I’m not really breathing. I mean, I’m breathing enough to sustain life! But not big, or even normal sized, cleansing, good breaths. I think I’m just a scosh stressed at the moment!
  2. I don’t sweat much. Recently, I’ll finish a workout and look around and there are people dripping, I mean DRIPPING, sweat. I feel as though they look over at me and think, “Hey, what’s up with you? You’ve barely got a sheen to you. Did you do anything at all?” One guy’s shins were sweating the other day. I don’t think my shins have ever produced a drop of sweat in my whole life.
  3. I have some extremely amusing people in my life – a whole slew of them. Their wit, sarcasm, intelligence, and ability to make me giggle makes me so darned happy.
  4. I recently had my bank automatically change my savings account to a checking account based on the number of transfers I made in one month. Apparently making this switch for me is a federal regulation. This pisses me off. Does our federal government have nothing better to do than worry about my savings account? If not, I’ve got some ideas for topics they might need to pay attention to.
  5. I think shoe return polices stink. I bought a pair of shoes recently that seemed comfy in the store, but became the bane of my existence within 10 minutes of wearing them for the first time. Now I’m stuck with them. Grr.

This is why I workout the way I do

I’ve posted I don’t know how many blogs on why I love the Bar Method so much, but after reading a few articles the other day about CrossFit (the other workout obsession in my area), I’m even more glad I’ve gone this route.

Now, I know that what I’m about to say has it’s controversy and that some of my readers are into CrossFit, so please just try to shake out your hackles and hear me out. There’s a side effect to CrossFit people are starting to talk more about and it something every CrossFitter should know, but likely doesn’t.

CrossFit can seriously damage your body. Seriously. Hell, the founder of it, Greg Glassman, himself says, “It can kill you. I’ve always been completely honest about that.” (Source)

What prompted my research was this recent article. It made me aware of something I’d never heard of (despite having been an athlete and regular gym/workout goer for most of my life). I encourage you to read it, especially if you do CrossFit because it’s a REALLY important thing to know about. However, if you just want the nuts and bolts, here it is: working out to the level CrossFit pushes people to can kill them, literally, because of something called rhabdomyolysis, which is, according to Wikipedia, “a condition in which damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down rapidly. Breakdown products of damaged muscle cells are released into the bloodstream; some of these, such as the protein myoglobin, are harmful to the kidneys and may lead to kidney failure.”

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do CrossFit. I’m saying they should know the causes, signs, and symptoms of rhabdomyolysis and how to prevent it just in case.

How all of this relates to Bar is this: I’m REALLY glad the founder of my workout can’t say, “It can killĀ  you. I’ve always been completely honest about that.” In fact, in the 18 months I’ve been doing Bar at the Boulder location, I’ve not heard one person complain of getting hurt during a class. I’ve heard people complain about soreness, but never about an injury, let alone hospital time! And in that 18 months, my body has changed in ways that other workouts didn’t produce. Bottom line, you don’t have to damage yourself to get a good, effective workout.

Finding What Works for Me

So, I’ve talked about my car accidents quite a bit on here. Maybe not in the detail some of you would like, but I’m not in a position to do that just yet for various reasons beyond my control.

After my first accident I wasn’t able to workout like I had previously and I found that immensely frustrating. Working out is my stress relief. It’s one of the few things I do in my life where I’m totally present and fully engaged. That I felt that had been taken from me angered and saddened me. The truth of the matter is that my body will never be the same again. The workouts I did pre-accident are likely workouts I won’t ever be able to do again.

Then I found The Bar Method and it works for me because of so many variables. Bar is hard, but not in a way that compromises my body and that’s because of the foundations of Bar and the modifications I can take to keep my body stable and healthy even during a tough workout.

Bar is rooted in the Lotte Burke Method. A method that has a solid foundation in rehabilitation and a focus on working the muscles without compromising the joints.

As for the modifications, the teachers at my studio (and studios across the nation) are great at working with students to modify specific exercises to suit an individual’s needs. I regularly have to do push-ups, the arm series, flat-back, and ab work in a modified way so that my neck is not compromised. In fact, every time I’m at Bar, which is a lot, I have to modify something.

The great part is that the modifications help keep my body safe and happy but don’t take away from the benefits of the workout. The other great part is that my need to modify things doesn’t effect anyone else in class like it did in the workouts I used to do. In previous group exercise scenarios, my need to modify slowed everyone else down and changed the dynamic of the group. This isn’t the case at Bar.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found a workout that my body can handle – a workout that’s beneficial in so many ways, a workout that actually works, and a workout that doesn’t deteriorate or deplete my body.

So, if you’ve got some aches and pains that have been keeping you from regular workouts, you might consider trying The Bar Method. Tell them I sent you!

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