Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I can’t ever keep Star Trek and Star Wars straight. I know the differences between them, for sure. But I confuse the names all the time.
  2. While at Star Wars recently, I noticed something interesting about the previews. They were either about death, destruction, and the horrors of humanity, or they were about upcoming animated movies aimed at kids. I think I’ll stick to the kid movies.
  3. I don’t often wear my nails long. They kind of creep me out when they’re long. Anyway, the minute one of them breaks, all of them go. I definitely can’t stand one short one when the rest are long. Throws the symmetry right off!
  4. Given that I’m not very tall, I have crazy long legs. It’s getting increasingly harder to find pants that are long enough. Most pants make me look like I’m waiting for a flood.
  5. I don’t like wearing business attire. I feel like┬áthere’s almost no way slacks/dress pants are flattering on any woman.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireSeeing a movie in 70mm projection complete with an intermission just like the olden days. The movie was Hateful 8 by Quentin Tarantino, just in case you’re curious. I think it’s only available in digital now. Sorry about that!
  2. Having a productive weekend that, somehow, still managed to feel relaxing, evenly paced, and not rushed.
  3. Day after day after day of my body waking itself up when it was ready. It’s so nice to just go with the flow and let my biorhythms set the course.
  4. A man who is happy to help me put the finishing touches on my place. There are certain things I can’t do myself. So, the fact that my manfriend is super handy and willing to step in is so, so, so appreciated.
  5. Cooking in my new, big kitchen. It’s a joy!

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireMy sleeping bag coat. Seriously, this thing is like wearing a sleeping bag. It’s far from flattering, but on mornings when the temp is 6 degrees, I really don’t care how I look!
  2. Buying new plants. I moved recently and my new place is WAY bigger than the last place, so I have plenty of room for all sorts of new plants. I love growing plants.
  3. The short rib tacos at The Roost in Longmont.
  4. My family. They’re pretty great.
  5. When the gifts you give are a hit. My niece Farrah was besotted with the Ana costume I gave her for Christmas.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireCurved shower curtain rods. Seriously, why doesn’t EVERYONE use these? You don’t end up fighting the shower curtain as it clings to you all shower long and it instantly makes your shower feel quite a bit bigger. Genius.
  2. Having my new place professionally painted before I even moved in. Such a good call. I knew the mint green everywhere needed to go. I also knew it would take me the better part of my life if I tackled it all on my own. Now it’s done and over with and I love it!
  3. My grandmother’s orange holiday cookies. Word is that she couldn’t cook to save her life, so these cookies were her one culinary accomplishment.
  4. Upcoming baking plans for this week. I love to bake and haven’t done it for three years because my kitchen was teeny tiny. Now, I have a much larger kitchen and I’m ready to get to it!
  5. Tenderness in all forms from all people.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireKicking the weekend off right with good friends, good food, and a good view on the roof of The Rio.
  2. Dancing! The floor was packed and so sticky it was hard to move, so we opted for dancing amongst the tables on the carpet. So, less than ideal circumstances, but we made the best of it. It felt good to dance again and I was pleased that I seem not to have forgotten much.
  3. A picnic that included looking out over McIntosh Lake to watch the sun set behind the Rockies.
  4. An afternoon spent splashing in the water and playing in the sand at Carter Lake.
  5. Quiet, blissful evenings spent relaxing.
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