Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, it’s been EONS since I did an Etsy post. Sorry about that. I think I got a little burnt out. However, I couldn’t pass up blogging about a new shop.

My sister’s friend Sanja is a very creative and stylish person. She’s an interior designer and also makes these amazing mosaic mirrors. My sister, Mallory, had one commissioned for our little bro’s wedding gift. I’ve not yet seen it, but I’m sure it’s amazing. Mallory also has one hanging in her house and I just love that thing!

At Mallory’s birthday get-together last year my mom and Sanja got to talking about these mirrors. Mom suggested that Sanja start selling them on Etsy. Low and behold, she’s opened a shop! My mom takes full credit for the idea and it seems as though Sanja’s willing to give it to her. I, of course, take credit on telling my mom about Etsy. So really, I’m the one who got this all started. Ha. See how that works?

If you do nothing other than go and look, you won’t be sorry you did. Some day soon I’ll have one of these puppies hanging in my house. I just know it!



I really hope my friend Sally doesn’t read this blog. According to her father-in-law, who’s from Mexico, she makes very authentic Posole. She might see this recipe below and yell, “Blaspheme!”

But really authentic Posole (a ritualistic, traditional stew from Mexico) can be a day long endeavor. I don’t gots that kind of time, people. So this recipe my mom sent me is perfect. The manfriend and I are currently addicted to it. The last batch I made ended up in everything that week – on top of breakfast eggs, over top of burritos like green chili, in another dish we made to add extra flavor. It’s pretty amazing stuff.


6 cups chicken broth
2 15 oz. cans of white hominy, drained
2 15 oz. cans stewed tomatoes, with juice
2 7 oz. cans green chilies
1 10 oz can mild enchilada sauce
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 whole onion, diced and lightly sauteed
4 shakes of cumin
Meat from 1 chicken, diced
Garlic to taste

1. Put all ingredients in a large pot and simmer for 1 hour.


  • I buy a rotisserie chicken from the store and use that (so quick and easy)
  • I also add in 2 Tbs. agave and lime juice to taste
  • We garnish with cilantro

5 things I’m loving right now

I try to do these posts on a Monday as a reminder to myself, as I lug myself into a new week after what always feels like a too-short weekend, of all the good things around me. It’s good to be grateful!

  1. Snuggling with Stella on the bed all night. For someone who’s not typically down with dogs on the bed, she’s making me a believer. Don’t tell her I said that. Oh, please don’t tell her I said that!
  2. Bhakti Chai. I make it with vanilla almond milk. Doesn’t get much better.
  3. Finishing a good book like The Help. There’s nothing better than reading on a cold, snowy day.
  4. Finally getting my Glow Bowls in the mail. They’re just want that dark corner in my dining room needed.
  5. Thoughts of painting endeavors in the house for spring. I envision a plum colored laundry room and a turquoise guest bath in the basement. “PLUM!? TURQUOISE?!” The manfriend is about to have a conniption.

Again, an opinion please?

I love to have lots of photos around the house. I love when others have lots of photos around their houses, too. But I’m starting to run out of surfaces to put photos, so I’m heading the to walls. The plan is to turn our hallway into a photo gallery of sorts. Part of me is thinking about doing something very uniform and classic like this:

Pottery Barn Gallery in a Box in Black

The other part of me wants to do something fun like this (but all in black):

The Organic Bloom Handmade Frames

The photos themselves will almost all be in color, so I feel like a neutral, consistent frame color is necessary. What, dear readers, are your thoughts on this?

A well made purchase

So, a while back I blogged about some alternative wedding ring ideas via Etsy. Weeeelll, I kinda bought one of those rings.

It started when I sent my mom my Amazon Universal Wishlist so she could get some Christmas gift ideas. THE ring was on the list as a reminder of it’s amazing awesomeness. And just to torment me.

No sooner did I send the list then I received an email from my mom saying, “THE ring is 50% off.” WHAT!? So I went to check it out and sure enough.

I pondered and pondered. I worked hard on talking myself out of it and then my mom talked me into it. “Ann (she uses Ann when she’s being super serious), trust me. When you’re 62 years old you won’t know where that money will have gone, but you will regret not having that ring.” Makes sense, right? I mean, this was a once in a lifetime (I’m not exaggerating here) opportunity.

And while the purpose of the ring is for an engagement, who says it has to be worn for that? All I know is I’m in love!

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