5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireThe smell of spring. All we’ve had for the last week is cold, gray, rainy days, which is getting kind of old. But the fresh green smell of everything coming alive is worth it.
  2. This song. I have the CD in my car right now and I’ve been playing this song on repeat for days. It makes me so happy! Not to mention the lyrics really speak to me right now.
  3. A Sunday afternoon with my family. I love those people. I’m so lucky to consider my family some of my best buddies.
  4. The way my niece says your name with everything. “Thank you, Annie Annie.” “Love you, Annie Annie.” “Please, Annie Annie.” It’s so cute!  (I’m Annie Annie to her instead of Auntie Annie.)
  5. People who fill you up and bring in happiness.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve decided that I feel really bad for mall Santas. Can you imagine a lap full of one crying kid after another for hours on end? I wonder what that does for a person’s self esteem over time! Poor guys.
  2. Here’s something I don’t understand. With the advent of autocorrect and spell check, how is it that so many people spell things incorrectly? When the word is clearly underlined in red, how does that not catch your attention enough to investigate? Or is it that they just don’t care at all? (Disclaimer: yes, I make spelling and grammatical errors, too. But every time I come across one, I cringe. It just eats me up. I think that places me outside of the population I’m referring to.)
  3. I really wish I had a fireplace. And a bath tub. But this loveliness is helpful. The other night, I had this crackling away while I read. Not too shabby!
  4. I love when a song just grabs you right away and takes hold. This is the most recent example of that.
  5. T minus four days until my brother and his family arrive in town. Dear Lord, the anticipation! I get to meet my newest niece, people! YAY!

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession Enjoying Christmas music is entirely conditional for me. Example: there’s a local station here that plays nothing but Christmas music for the month of December. Well, it used to be the month of December. They started weeks early this year. Anyway, I flipped to that station on Thanksgiving to hear “Santa Baby” (my absolute least favorite ever! Don’t sexualize Santa, folks. Seriously.) and thought, “Aw come on! What the?” The next day I’m out running errands, flip to the same station and thought, “Aw yeah! Love it!”
  2. I make a killer pot roast. The awesome leftovers take away the sting of cooking something for six hours and then eating it in 10 minutes. Isn’t that so annoying?
  3. T-minus 11 days until my brother and his family arrive for Christmas. Nope, not excited at all.
  4. I’m planning on doing some baking this holiday season for the first time in several years. When your kitchen is itty-bitty, baking is hard. But I’m going for it. I love to bake!
  5. When I’m eating distractedly and I think I have another bite of something I’m really enjoying and then I look down to see it’s all gone, that bums me out. On the flip-side, when I think I’m all done with something and I look down to see another bite, that’s pretty awesome.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I find it so completely sad when a person has allowed themselves to become so beaten down by the opposite sex that they are obviously cynical and bitter. It’s like anyone from the opposite sex is doomed from the start and put to task for the mistakes of a past they weren’t a part of. And I use the word “allow” for a reason, which is that everyone is responsible for their own actions, emotions, reactions, beliefs, etc.
  2. I get to spend a good portion of this weekend with my sister’s kiddos and I’m really excited about it. I hope they’re in snuggly moods, because I know I am!
  3. My primary love language is words of affirmation. Lately, I have this abundance of people in my life who are masters at showing appreciation in ways that really touch me. I’m feeling the love, folks! Muah!
  4. You know when you hug someone and then you smell like them for quite some time after? Each time you catch a whiff it’s a little reminder of them. That happened to me yesterday after lunch with a friend. She smelled awesome! And then I smelled awesome!
  5. I can’t stop listening to this song. Over and over and over again! If it doesn’t catch you the first time, listen again with your eyes closed. There’s something about the beat…

5 things I’m loving

  1. Love-FirePeople who understand how important other people’s time is and that it’s important to respect and honor that.
  2. Sticking to my guns regardless of how much I wanted to cave. Sometimes the long game and delaying gratification are hard to keep in perspective. But rarely are you regretful of doing just that.
  3. That one of my favorite local restaurant chains (The Mountain Sun chain) just opened a location by my house and they have my favorite thing on the menu, their crab cake burger. They don’t offer this at all of their locations, so I’m psyched they do at the one closest to me!
  4. Hearing a great 80’s cover band. They killed some awesome tunes!
  5. All of the positive, optimistic, hard-working, accountable, reliable people I have in my life. So fulfilling and rewarding to be surrounded by people like this!
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