5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireCombining three vacation days with weekends and holidays to have a consecutive nine days off. Ahhhhh…..
  2. Leisurely strolls through Target. I’m usually itching to get out of there, but there was no one in there yesterday evening, so I took my time. I rarely enjoy shopping, so this was not the norm.
  3. Getting my mom’s help wrapping presents the other night. She cares way more than I do how all of that comes out and she was pretty cute while helping me. Once a mom, always a mom!
  4. The candle lighting ceremony at the Christmas service at church. It’s breathtaking and I always get choked up looking out and seeing all of those bright lights.
  5. White chocolate peppermint meal replacement shakes from AdvoCare. These suckers sold out in about a day, so I’m lucky I got any at all. I’m rationing them. They are so good! Next year, I’m stocking up!

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireConstructive conversations that come to good resolutions.
  2. That my sister and I can be sounding boards for each other. I love that she and I have a close relationship.
  3. Getting pulled into good books. Nothing like snuggling up in bed and reading for hours on end!
  4. Coming home to 10 packages the other day! It was, for the most part, the bulk of my Christmas shopping and then a few treats for me. So fun!
  5. That my job comes with good vacation and sick leave. Pretty lucky.

Confession Thursday

Confession Welp, a tad late this week, but that’s how it goes…

  1. When the waistband of a pair of pants rides higher in the front than in the back…ARGH! Drives me insane. I feel like I’m always hitching up my pants to make sure plumbers crack doesn’t happen.
  2. We had an unconventional Thanksgiving this year. My mom’s been really sick, my sister’s been working all week and nursing a kiddo with food poisoning, and my place is too small to cook a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So steak, potatoes, and salad it is!
  3. I’m having a fun time Christmas shopping for my nieces this year. Girls are a lot of fun to buy for! Speaking of, I’m almost done with all of my Christmas shopping!
  4. When I was a homeowner, I loved having my house all decorated for Christmas. But I hated putting it all up and taking it all down.
  5. I can’t wait for my little brother and his family to come into town here in a few weeks. It’ll be so nice to have them all here for the holidays.

Random thing that makes you go, “Huh?”

So, I recently ordered a pair of cheap sandals from a store that shall remain unnamed. Seriously, they were no more than $30. Instead I was shipped a $100 robe. I’m talking a REALLY nice robe. I pulled it out of the packaging to check it out wondering what makes a robe so expensive when I noticed shoulder pads. Non-removable at that. Who the hell puts shoulder pads in a robe? This isn’t 1982 and I’m not Don Johnson.

Incidentally, this same company once shipped me a shower curtain rod when what I’d ordered was a set of decorative mirrors. I think I’ve learned my lesson now.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve decided to strike the following words from my vocabulary:
    • Busy (in lieu of having a real conversation with people about what’s going on in their lives based off of this article.)
    • Fine (in lieu of great! Even if it’s not entirely true, saying, “Great!” with a smile on my face brightens everyone’s day including my own.)
    • Fear (in lieu of greeting challenges with an open mind and the attitude of perseverance.)
    • Fail (in lieu of growing from each opportunity to fall short at something.)
    • Fake (in lieu of being genuine and authentic no matter the cost as fake runs out at some point anyway and isn’t a fun way to live life.)
  2. I’m supposed to get my cast off on Monday and start wearing a removable splint instead. I. Am. psyched!
  3. In the past month, I’ve learned to be pretty darned proficient with my left hand. It’s amazing how much you can change the patterns you’ve established over YEARS when you have no choice. Honestly, I’m going to try to keep doing more with my left hand going forward – it’s good for my brain.
  4. I’m an a-typical girl in that I hate to go shopping and consider a trip to the mall to be torturous. Oh, and I really don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes.
  5. I never iron anything. The last time I ironed something was about a year and a half ago. Yes, this means I’m a wrinkled mess sometimes but I really don’t care.
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