Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I do not understand people who run their AC 24/7 for months on end. Maybe I could understand it in sweltering places in the south, but this is Colorado where the nighttime temps dip into the 50s and 60s regularly. Open the windows! Get some fresh air! Stop annoying your neighbor whose bedroom window is feet from your noisy AC unit that rattles every time it starts up and shuts off (which happens every 10 minutes all night long), for crying out loud!
  2. My windshield wipers have three settings. First there’s too fast for a slight drizzle. Then there’s too slow for moderate rain, a setting that will have to do because option three is so fast that should you ever need to run the wipers at this setting, it would be advised to pull over and take cover in a ditch before houses start flying. And I HATE the sound wipers make when they squeak across a windshield because the setting is too fast for the amount of moisture on the glass. Therefore, I usually run the wipers manually – off and on by hand as the windshield needs it. Three settings!? Really? Poor engineering, Honda. Take a lesson from Jeep whose motors have about 13 settings. No joke. It’s awesome.
  3. I have an addiction to the show New Girl. I finished season one the other night by watching the last seven episodes in one sitting. I got to bed very late and was miserable the next day. While watching those episodes I realized that I have a huge crush on Dermot Mulroney (seriously, just put him on a stick), I think Schmidt is hilarious, and that I find laughing hysterically while I’m by myself to be a bit creepy and uncomfortable.
  4. I have a serious issue when it comes to peeling hard boiled eggs. I’ve figured out how to boil them to perfection, but then I massacre them when it comes to peeling. If you have a trick, I’ve probably tried it. It could just be another way in which I’m deficient at life.
  5. My nephew called me earlier this week to tell me that my niece had started walking. He “just wanted me to know.” We went on to have what I can only describe as our first, true adult conversation. You know, when kids move beyond “uh huh” on the phone and actually take charge of leading the conversation. It was pretty amusing. He’s good peeps, that kid.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I don’t feel like doing this today. I feel like my post from yesterday is about all I want to share this week, but here we go anyway…
  2. People keep asking me if I have any travel plans for this summer. The fact that I don’t is making me feel bad. Quit asking, already!
  3. I’m ready to wear, almost exclusively, skirts and dresses. I’m tired of winter clothes.
  4. I saw Stella last weekend and it was so nice to spend a little time with her. She’s such a good pooch!
  5. I have tomorrow off and it doesn’t look like sleeping in is a possibility. Such a bummer. Same thing Saturday. Therefore, I might spend the entire day in bed on Sunday. Booyah!

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve started watching Hell on Wheels and I have a HUGE crush on the main character. How silly, right?
  2. I miss my dog and the sweet smell on the top of her head. I miss her pretty face and sweet eyes. I even miss her incessant whining.
  3. You know when you’re driving home and one of your favorite songs comes on the radio right as your almost home so you drive around the block or park in your driveway and sit there to finish the song? I love that.
  4. I hate handling raw chicken. Therefore, I’ve barely eaten chicken since the ex-manfriend and I broke up.
  5. So my new favorite past-time is curling up in bed under my electric blanket and reading instead of hanging out on the couch on the computer until all hours of the night. This means I get more reading in and that I get to bed earlier – both very good things. (Note to self: do not fall asleep under the blanket set to high as you wake up hot as hell, sweaty, and pissed off.)

Confession Thursday

  1. I was at one of those serve yourself frozen yogurt places this week and saw an annoying thing. This kid came in and sampled pretty much every flavor (around 20 or so) and walked out the door without buying anything. Clearly his intention had been to just fill up for free. I chalked his rude behavior up to his age. And then two older women came in and did something similar – got their fill for free and walked out the door. That takes balls way bigger than I have. It was all I could do not to say, “Hey! As the price of this stuff goes up to compensate for those like you who abuse the system and don’t pay, stop and thank considerate patrons like myself for covering you every now and then, ‘kay?”
  2. All of my time off this summer has been spent recovery from neck surgery or moving. I think that just plain sucks.
  3. I’m so ready for fall but these cooler days this week are making me cold! I can’t seem to warm up. It’s like my internal burner hasn’t turned on yet.
  4. I saw Stella the other night for the first time in several weeks. Man, is she cute! I forget just how cute she is sometimes. Now her breath? Not cute. At all.
  5. Sometimes I’m ashamed how the littlest thing on a website can make me so happy. For instance, the “Scroll to Top” button on Pintrest? Well, that just makes me one happy damned web user. Oh, and really well developed web forms? Heaven. Bad web forms make me want to punch some one. I could go on and on, but that would likely bore most of you.

Weekday Mornings

It’s been a week and a half (just about) since I moved out. I’ve noticed many things about being on my own again. The biggest thing is how quickly I can get ready in the morning when I do not have to do the following:

  • Pause to give big congratulations to Stella on her morning deposit in the yard.
  • Routinely stop making breakfast to kick the ball down the stairs for her to chase over and over and over again.
  • Regularly drop to the ground to give belly rubs and kisses on the forehead and nose.
  • Spend five minutes in the yard saying, “Go potty! Stella, come on. Go potty! I know you hate getting your paws wet – stopping being a pansy. GO POTTY!”
  • Fill a Kong full of treats and settle a pooch in for her morning nap.

The lack of all of this sure shaves time off when it comes to getting out the door. But I’d rather spend that time with Stella, no doubt.

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