Confession Thursday

  1. Confession This past weekend, I spent Sunday not eating all that well. Honestly, I didn’t really eat and what I did eat, well, let’s say I didn’t make great choices. Holy moly, the effect that had on my energy and mood was huge. I’ll not make that mistake again anytime soon.
  2. I was in a crap, crap, crap mood on Monday. Perhaps left over from my bad choices on Sunday? Likely. My inclination was to hibernate, withdraw from people, and pretend that I was fine. I didn’t to that. And, low and behold, reaching out, getting support, getting a few things off my chest, opening up – all of that helped me to feel so much better. Ah, there are lessons everywhere, huh?
  3. I can’t wait to cut my hair shorter! It’ll never get super short. Been there, done that. Not a good option for me. But another inch or so ought to do it!
  4. I don’t jump on the whole “everything must be pumpkin flavored this time of year” bandwagon. I do, however, jump on the “eggnog is the greatest thing ever and should be in the fridge at all times for the next two months” bandwagon. I guess we all have our things! (Speaking of, this eggnog is the absolute best stuff around. No joke.)
  5. Right now, finding huge honeycrisp apples on sale makes me very happy. Sometimes I’m very easy to please!

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession A few weeks ago I was at a country music concert and saw several guys in pink chino-ish shorts and boat shoes. Then I was at a Rockies game and saw a guy in a seersucker blazer. I’m of the opinion that the hipsters need to cut it out already. Or at least understand their surroundings a bit better.
  2. I’m going to chop my hair off this weekend. Well, maybe that’s a tad dramatic. I’ve got a photo of what I want and everyone who’s seen it is like, “Yeah, it’s not all that different. Big whoop.” But I don’t necessarily agree. I guess we’ll see what happens…
  3. Branching off number two…when I get a few days away from getting my hair done, I get so frustrated! It’s too long, losing shape, the greys are showing. I always joke with my hairstylist that I see him just in the nick of time because if I had to push it a day longer, I’d shave my head. I’m only half joking.
  4. In the past several years I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of needles stuck in me. No, that’s not an admission of some weird preference. It’s all in the name of medicine. It’s also a good thing I don’t have a fear of needles!
  5. Whenever I’m in an intense conversation and I say the word “yeah” I always say “yeah, yeah” in really quick succession like it’s actually one word. And usually I’ll throw in a “totally” (as in,  “yeah, yeah totally”) just to make sure it’s super clear I agree.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for quite some time now, just at various lengths all within about an inch or two of each other. I’m thinking about mixing it up a bit next time. Nothing too drastic. But it’s just hair, right? It grows back…
  2. I find the baseball hats guys are wearing these days baffling. The flat across brim and the fact that they all look a size or two too large is unbecoming. And then you have the guys who pin the top 1/4 of their ear under the hat and I’m at a loss. It’s just not right, gents. Cut it out.
  3. I think #2 up there is reason #453 why I love country boys. They don’t do this crappola.
  4. I should have a new little niece any day now. I can’t wait for her to arrive!
  5. I’m tired of rude people. There’s no need for it. Being polite doesn’t mean you’re compromising your beliefs or your morals. Being polite doesn’t mean you’re bowing down to others or agreeing to things you don’t want to agree to. It’s quite possible to make your point, stand your ground, and be true to yourself without being a jerk. (P.s. this article is worth the read…)

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. lovehandMy nephew has started emailing me. The first email was to express concern over finding out I had a cold. How sweet is that? Since then we’ve shared a YouTube video and some back-and-forth about it. I’m totally loving communicating with him in this way.
  2. Dancing to a country band with a female lead singer. It’s a rarity at the places I dance, but so nice to hear covers of Sugarland and Miranda Lambert to change it up a bit. And they covered my one of my favorite Eddie Rabbit songs, which made me so freaking happy!
  3. Good, long chats with my little brother that fill me up.
  4. Realizing that time spent happy and excited for others comes full circle in making me feel happy and excited for my own life as well.
  5. This new sweater I got for Christmas.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. lovehandA Friday night out with some fun ladies and then spending Saturday with some other fun ladies helping a friend get excited about giving birth to her son in the next month. I love being around great women.
  2. Fleece-lined leggings. I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in these this winter. It’s like wearing heaven on your legs. Sublime.
  3. Booking my trip to see my little brother and his family in the spring! I’m so excited to get them to myself for a while. I love when they come here to visit, but they have to juggle spending time with so many people, which is totally understandable. In all honesty, I’m selfish and like having them all to myself!
  4. A fun night on the town with my sister and her manfriend. It’s been years since she and I hit the town together (usually because I’m babysitting for them when they go out together) and it was a blast.
  5. Quiet time to myself after a busy weekend. It’s nice to just be alone relaxing and doing whatever I want with no time-table at all.
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