5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireA great conversation with my dad at dinner the other night. I really enjoyed his company and insights.
  2. Reconnecting with my old friend Teresa. There’s been so much that’s happened in both our lives since we last saw each other, so it was really nice to catch up.
  3. When food is really well done like a great Caesar salad or really good fried chicken. Both were enjoyed this weekend.
  4. Floating weightless for 60 minutes at the Cloud Nine Float Center in Boulder. If you ever have the chance to do something like this, go for it!
  5. Clean sheets. I really do love slipping into bed when there are clean sheets in the mix.

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireThis song. It’s been on repeat this weekend. (If you’re reading this on your phone, that link may not work, so try this link. It’ll be lacking the awesome banjo and violin of the full version, but it’s the lyrics that really matter with this one.)
  2. Resting. That’s what I spent most of the weekend doing as I was pretty run-down. It’s hard for me to just sit and be still, but I really needed to do just that and I feel much better after having done so.
  3. This book. I almost didn’t read it because I find the title to be very off-putting and smarmy. Like he’s going to try to teach you to trick people or something. But this book is incredible! And not just from the perspective of success in business, but success in life, relationships with loved ones and friends, and so on. I highly recommend it for everyone.
  4. My mom, who drove all the way from her house to mine to bring me a few things simply because she wanted to “go play” in her new car. She’s like a 16 year-old. How cute is that?
  5. Street tacos. I think I could probably live on those suckers.

Trucking Along

{Man, posts like this just make me so nervous! Despite being proud of how far I’ve come, I’m not proud of where I started. For that reason, putting this out there is a very vulnerable thing to do. But vulnerable can be good. Play nice, folks…}

So, at the end of this post I stated that it was just going to keep getting better, which is a bold statement when you’ve struggled to maintain results in the past. But you know what? It has!

Here, take a look!







Since I ended my 24 Day Challenge I’ve lost another 6.5 pounds making my weight loss to date a little over 14 pounds! Guys, I’m wearing jeans in a size I’ve not worn since high school. That’s mind boggling to me. Truly. And, dare I say, I’m starting to see muscle definition in my abs. MY ABS! That’s not something I EVER thought would happen. Ever. Truly. Never ever. (I’ll stop now before I sound like a Taylor Swift song.)

I’ve accomplished all of this by staying on AdvoCare products and following the eating guidelines from the final phase of the Challenge. Well, I follow them most of the time. Sometimes nachos happen, but life deserves it’s indulgences! And the beauty of that is I know those indulgences won’t kick me off the bandwagon or totally effect my body because my metabolism is cranking thanks to the products and a clean diet most of the time.

But honestly, I could care less about the weight loss. What I’m more interested in is how my body composition is changing. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat and I plan on continuing to carve out those little abs I love so dearly! So I’m going to do a Bod Pod scan here next week to determine my lean muscle mass to fat mass ratio and get some advice on what I can do to keep converting the bad stuff to the good stuff.

All in all I feel really encouraged and hopeful, which is such an amazing feeling! I’m telling you, these products work and I’m so grateful to have them and this company in my life!

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I’ve been staying at my parent’s since I broke my wrist. My mom has pretty much been at my beck and call. She doesn’t find my referring to her as my minion as amusing as I do.
  2. To the next person who quips, “Well, I guess you’ll get really good with your left hand,” you better duck as I’ll be happy to test that theory with a left-handed haymaker.
  3. I would rather have broken something on a lower extremity. Because of how I’m splinted (a cast will come today), my whole arm is out of commission. It’s no bueno.
  4. All my dad watches is the news or sports. It’s mind-numbing.
  5. Physical pain hardly ever makes me cry. The frustration, limitations, and annoyances that come with pain are what do me in.


So, on top of doing the 24 Day Challenge (and continuing to use various products ever since) I also started using the Reverse Regimen from Rodan + Fields in the past month.

Rodan + Fields are the two dermatologists who came up with Proactive many years ago. They decided to come up with an extended line for various skin types and needs.

Through an old high school friend of mine, I purchased the Redefine Regimen in hopes of getting rid of some dark spots on my cheeks. As I’ve said before, I’ve taken really good care of my skin ever since I was a kid and diagnosed with vitiligo. Regardless, I’ve been battling some dark spots on my cheeks for years!

I’ve only been using the regimen for a month and I’m already noticing amazing results! My skin tone is more even and my face is so soft. And those dark spots are so much lighter that I hardly consider them an issue anymore!

My plan is to use this particular regimen for a few more months and then start using the Redefine Regimen to keep wrinkles (of which I’m very lucky to have few of at this point) at bay. Never hurts to get a jump on the scenario.

If you’re interested in learning more about the products, Jennifer is a great person to contact. Her site is here and if you’d like to contact her directly you can do so at jenniferbetbadal@gmail.com or 310-709-7138. Tell her I sent you!

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