Confession Thursday

  1. Confession This past weekend, I spent Sunday not eating all that well. Honestly, I didn’t really eat and what I did eat, well, let’s say I didn’t make great choices. Holy moly, the effect that had on my energy and mood was huge. I’ll not make that mistake again anytime soon.
  2. I was in a crap, crap, crap mood on Monday. Perhaps left over from my bad choices on Sunday? Likely. My inclination was to hibernate, withdraw from people, and pretend that I was fine. I didn’t to that. And, low and behold, reaching out, getting support, getting a few things off my chest, opening up – all of that helped me to feel so much better. Ah, there are lessons everywhere, huh?
  3. I can’t wait to cut my hair shorter! It’ll never get super short. Been there, done that. Not a good option for me. But another inch or so ought to do it!
  4. I don’t jump on the whole “everything must be pumpkin flavored this time of year” bandwagon. I do, however, jump on the “eggnog is the greatest thing ever and should be in the fridge at all times for the next two months” bandwagon. I guess we all have our things! (Speaking of, this eggnog is the absolute best stuff around. No joke.)
  5. Right now, finding huge honeycrisp apples on sale makes me very happy. Sometimes I’m very easy to please!

5 things I’m loving right now

  1. Love-FireA great conversation with my dad at dinner the other night. I really enjoyed his company and insights.
  2. Reconnecting with my old friend Teresa. There’s been so much that’s happened in both our lives since we last saw each other, so it was really nice to catch up.
  3. When food is really well done like a great Caesar salad or really good fried chicken. Both were enjoyed this weekend.
  4. Floating weightless for 60 minutes at the Cloud Nine Float Center in Boulder. If you ever have the chance to do something like this, go for it!
  5. Clean sheets. I really do love slipping into bed when there are clean sheets in the mix.

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I perceive people who don’t cuss (at least once in a while) as very disciplined people. They, no doubt, just see it as second nature. Whatever the case may be, I find it so bizarre that they don’t curse on occasion that it almost seems unnatural.
  2. Ever notice how the biggest lessons we need to learn in life come at us repeatedly until we conquer them? I’m getting better at identifying those lessons and learning them quickly. Well, at least I think I am. I could be totally wrong and the people who know me best are thinking, “Yeah, you’re a bozo, but nice try.”
  3. Speaking of being a bozo, I accidentally turned off my alarm the other morning rather than just hitting snooze. I then proceeded to have a long, totally bizarre dream that was pretty amusing. A big thank you to my subconscious for deciding the extra sleep and good dream were necessary.
  4. I keep seeing all of these great pictures of my new niece, who’s getting all chubby and squishy. When I see these photos, all I want to do is cuddle her up and take a long nap.
  5. I used to prefer hanging out with the guys over the girls any day of the week. Less drama and pettiness was a leading cause for this decision. Lately, I find myself in the presence of some really powerful, strong, supportive women and it’s filling me up and fueling me in some amazing ways. Chicks rule!

5 things I’m loving

  1. Love-FirePeople who understand how important other people’s time is and that it’s important to respect and honor that.
  2. Sticking to my guns regardless of how much I wanted to cave. Sometimes the long game and delaying gratification are hard to keep in perspective. But rarely are you regretful of doing just that.
  3. That one of my favorite local restaurant chains (The Mountain Sun chain) just opened a location by my house and they have my favorite thing on the menu, their crab cake burger. They don’t offer this at all of their locations, so I’m psyched they do at the one closest to me!
  4. Hearing a great 80’s cover band. They killed some awesome tunes!
  5. All of the positive, optimistic, hard-working, accountable, reliable people I have in my life. So fulfilling and rewarding to be surrounded by people like this!

Confession Thursday

  1. Confession There are a lot of sites these days that require you to hit “next” over and over and over again to see all of the images in an article. Every time you hit next, the page has to load which means there is lag time – very annoying. My guess is that every click yields higher ad revenue for these sites as they’re able to charge advertisers for each click. When I hit a site like this, regardless of how much I want to read the article, I get so annoyed that I leave immediately. I hope I’m not the only one and that they realize this method is a turnoff.
  2. Sometimes I’m really excited about what I brought to work for lunch. These days generally go better than days when I’m like, “Meh, not thrilled.”
  3. I hate scheduling appointments. You know, doctor, dentist, etc. I will procrastinate the hell out of that task.
  4. Growing up we called our aunts Auntie Layne and Auntie Lisa. We’re following that tradition as new kiddos join the family. I have one little nephew who calls me Auntie Auntie and one little niece who calls me Annie Annie. Between the two of them, they’ve got it nailed. I think this is pretty cute and I rue the day they start getting it right.
  5. As far as rings are concerned, when it comes to fine jewelry (diamonds, gemstones, etc.) wearing those rings on any finger other than a ring finger just looks odd to me.

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