Confession Thursday

  1. Confession While I know the saying “bless his/her heart” is actually a passive aggressive slam (i.e. “he’s so dumb, bless his heart”), especially in the south, I say it all the time and actually mean it. I might need to find a new saying so I adequately communicate, huh?
  2. I hate cardio. Hate. It. Running? Torture. Now, lifting – lifting I love. (Although, I had the occasion to take a jog while in Texas and the lower altitude definitely made a difference. I almost enjoyed that jog. Perhaps the altitude is the issue…)
  3. My primary Love Language is “words of affirmation”, so this article really struck me. I’m going to make it more of a priority to know the love language of the major players in my life. Seems like properly nurturing people you care about, no matter what their role in your life is, can only be beneficial to everyone involved.
  4. I’m still dealing with accident stuff both legally and physically. The physical side will be with me for life (good times), but I’m really looking forward to the legal side wrapping up. It’s pretty draining.
  5. I’ve got a few concerts on the books in the next month and I’m super excited to hear some awesome live music! There’s been too little of it in my life this summer.

5 things I’m loving right now

Well, it was an odd weekend to say the least. I felt a bit better than I expected, but also different than I expected after the neck procedure on Thursday. And I think it’s one of those situations where I’m going to get worse before I get better, so I’ve got that going for me. I found myself having a hard time just taking it easy. Why is it than when we want to do nothing but just lay around we can’t and when we should do just that we don’t want to? Pain, uneasiness, boredom aside – there was still plenty to love.

  1. The rain. Oh, the rain! We had a lot of it and it was glorious.
  2. The cooler temperatures. I took a HOT shower on Saturday and it felt amazing. And I even wore a sweater around the house. So awesome!
  3. The manfriend. He’s been taking VERY good care of me and I am so completely grateful.
  4. All of the people who texted, called, emailed, etc. to check in on me and see how I’m doing. You guys sure know how to make a gal feel loved.
  5. Stella for spending most of the weekend curled up at my feet, just making sure I know she’s there.

5 things I’m loving right now

This weekend felt like a bit of a whirlwind! It was fun and the weather was pretty nice if a bit cloudy and rainy at times. I’ve just got a lot on my mind lately and some tough decisions to make about my car accident settlement, so I’m feeling a bit down today. I’m having one of those moments when I wish the clouds would part and a voice would ring out telling me the right thing to do. Wouldn’t that be nice? Anyway, there was still plenty to be thankful for over the weekend.

  1. Bacon wrapped dates and a margarita on a Friday evening with friends.
  2. A nice BBQ on Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday.
  3. Spending time in Rebecca’s Apothecary. I love that place!
  4. Planting some more flowers. I love the color and cheer they add to the yard.
  5. Snuggling up for some Breaking Bad to top off the weekend.

5 things I’m loving right now

This weekend was full of surprises! It started off with me getting another round of Prolo. You know when you get a shot and it sinks into the muscle and doesn’t much hurt beyond the intial prick? Yeah, Prolo’s the exact opposite. Because it’s going into joint spaces and ligaments is scrapey and dry and creaky and hurts the whole freakin’ time. But I kept reminding myself to SUCK IT UP! because my sister-in-law Nicki was, at that very moment, pushing a child out of her who-ha and I had no real complaints. So that was the second exciting thing…my new nephew! Then the manfriend cooked up an amazing meal topped off with homepage apple pie. Exciting thing numero tres! So, in anticipation of such a meal, I had purchased him a nice bouquet – you know, just to make sure he knows how appreciated he is. What? Women can’t give men flowers? So, that was another surprise. All things considered and pain aside, it was a good weekend.

  1. Modern medicine. For me, for Nicki, and for Landon.
  2. Celtic Crossing which is a honeyed whiskey/cognac blend. Divine.
  3. Sleeping in until WAY late on Saturday. There were teenagers up before us.
  4. Brunch at The Dicken’s Tavern.
  5. Hearing good reports that my little brother is a good pops and a natural! He’s always been good with kids so I was confident he would be good to go. But hearing good things about one of my most favoritiest peeps ever makes me so proud and happy!

P.s. if you own The Joy of Cooking, find the recipe titled Hoisin Glazed Skirt Steak with Ginger Scallion Slaw and make it. It will knock your socks off!

Confession Thursday

  1. I work with a man who routinely compliments me on my choice of outfits. This comes after a bit of scrutiny from all angles. I assure you this is not skeevy – he just sincerely likes what I put together. Aside from working at CU-Boulder he’s also an actor in local theater. Often his praise of my outfits comes in the form of singing a line or two from a musical that my ensemble reminds him of. This is both awesome and awkward.
  2. I ran into a woman last night (bad pun, which you’ll understand here in a minute) who’s been in three back-to-back accidents. None of them her fault and all of them requiring years of rehabilitation. She had, no joke, just finished three years of rehab from a head-on collision when a chic, who was texting BTW, rear-ended her. I felt so bad for her I was choked up.
  3. After watching this video I promptly walked in to the bedroom where Stella was sleeping on her bed. I knelt down next to her and gave her a rousing round of skritches while whispering to her how much I love her and and how glad I am that we can give her a nice, safe, healthy life.
  4. I ordered three boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I did this to a) support a coworker’s daughter and b) to fly in the face of this shit. So far I’ve been very judicious in my consumption of the cookies, which is REALLY hard for me to do considering my first instinct is to huddle in a corner and cram them all in my face. I blame this on growing up with siblings and the need to get your share before your kid brother descends and eats everything. Yes, I’m speaking of you Logan!
  5. Every day I anxiously await news that my sister-in-law has gone into labor. I’m very excited, peeps!
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