I found my niche!

Well, at least in the world of thrifting. I HATE going to thrift stores for clothes. Nothing saps my patience quicker than sifting through rack after rack of the quasi-randomness that is a clothing thrift store. About 15 minutes of that and I suddenly become a whinny toddler on the verge of sitting down in the middle of store, legs too tired to stand, in a huff.

But, BUT! I have recently come to understand that I love thrifting for household stuff – furniture, decor, etc. I chalk this up to my Pintrest and interior design blog addictions. Through those two sources I’ve come to appreciate the wonders that flea markets and furniture thrift stores hold. And the best part? If an item has appeal in it’s lines and over-all look, a can of stray paint can make it new again!

Here are a couple of the lovely things I’ve picked up in the past couple of weekends:

Milk glass candle holders.

Black floral chair.

Mirrored tray (um, and please ignore the pile of laundry on the bed. Whoops!)

Amber glass vase.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, it’s been EONS since I did an Etsy post. Sorry about that. I think I got a little burnt out. However, I couldn’t pass up blogging about a new shop.

My sister’s friend Sanja is a very creative and stylish person. She’s an interior designer and also makes these amazing mosaic mirrors. My sister, Mallory, had one commissioned for our little bro’s wedding gift. I’ve not yet seen it, but I’m sure it’s amazing. Mallory also has one hanging in her house and I just love that thing!

At Mallory’s birthday get-together last year my mom and Sanja got to talking about these mirrors. Mom suggested that Sanja start selling them on Etsy. Low and behold, she’s opened a shop! My mom takes full credit for the idea and it seems as though Sanja’s willing to give it to her. I, of course, take credit on telling my mom about Etsy. So really, I’m the one who got this all started. Ha. See how that works?

If you do nothing other than go and look, you won’t be sorry you did. Some day soon I’ll have one of these puppies hanging in my house. I just know it!

I’ve got plates on my walls

It all started with this plate and a blank wall:

The plate was my mom’s. I loved it. She gave it to me. What a gal!

It’s too pretty (just look at that texture) to hide in a cupboard.

So I decided to start a plate collection to fill up that blank wall.

But how to hang them in the easiest way possible? That’s where Disc Hangers come into play. Cheap, easy to use – perfect.

I felt like I wasn’t quite done…so here’s the latest batch I hung this weekend:

Here’s the outcome:

I’m not sure it’s quite finished – the symmetry feels a bit off. But I think I’m good to go for a while. Time to start on the framed photo wall in the hall!

Again, an opinion please?

I love to have lots of photos around the house. I love when others have lots of photos around their houses, too. But I’m starting to run out of surfaces to put photos, so I’m heading the to walls. The plan is to turn our hallway into a photo gallery of sorts. Part of me is thinking about doing something very uniform and classic like this:

Pottery Barn Gallery in a Box in Black

The other part of me wants to do something fun like this (but all in black):

The Organic Bloom Handmade Frames

The photos themselves will almost all be in color, so I feel like a neutral, consistent frame color is necessary. What, dear readers, are your thoughts on this?

I want one of these!

I came across this little cottage while browsing about online the other night. All I can say is that I want one!

This woman took this cottage from run-down to amazing all by herself and for $3,000. It sits on a stream in upstate New York and serves as her private retreat. Like a man-cave, but a woman cottage instead!

I’m not super into the ultra-feminine, all-white, shabby chic thing but something about this appeals to me. Shabby chic always has. I’ve just never implemented it in my own life. I tend towards rich jewels tones and dark wood. For that reason, my little stream side cabin will have brightly colored quilts, red velvet curtains, and heavy leather furniture. It will also have enough light so I can grow those precious succulents I love so much. Is that a stained glass window I envision? Yep, I think so. I can see it now. Manifest, people!

* photos are courtesy of My Shabby Streamside Studio

* I also recommend checking out her story. It’s pretty amazing.

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