Mojo, baby!

So last night was my last nutrition class. I was telling the manfriend on Monday night that my usual Tuesday night schedule would resume soon and he asked hesitantly, “So, will you be continuing to implement all of the things you’ve learn?” I told him HELL YES! I see this as a jumping off point, not a place to backslide. He smiled and said, “Great! Because I’ve seen some really great changes.”

I asked him to elaborate – I was curious if the changes he’s noticed are the same as the things I’ve noticed.

“Your skin looks great, you’re in a better mood, you’re more fun to be around, you’ve lost weight, and you’re just generally sexier.” Yup, all the things I’ve noticed too! It was so nice to have the things I feel mirrored back to me by my best bud.

And his observations are the greatest testimonial I can give Mojo Mastery. I wish everyone I know would take this class. Truly. I feel like everyone could benefit from this program.

For me, I think the best thing about this class is that I have my happiness back. Late 2010 I was in that car accident, which I now know can mess up your brain chemistry and is something I’m working on straightening out with Marcie’s help. Shortly after the accident I started a job that felt like it sucked the life out of me and I have not truly been my happy, glowing, fun self since. I was quick to cry, quick to anger, irritable, and generally un-fun. And the poor manfriend has born the brunt of that for a year and a half. Is he a hero, or what? He must really like me to put up with that crap.

It sounds cheesy, I know, but I have my mojo back, baby!

The next Mojo Mastery starts in June. If you decide to partake in this awesomeness, tell Marcie I sent you.


You learn something new…

So, I’ve known for awhile that FUBAR stands for “F*&ked Up Beyond All Repair/Reason/Recognition”.

But did you know that SNAFU stands for “Situation Normal: All F*&ked up”? Essentially meaning that a screwed up situation is working as intended. I just thought it was a word…

But I recently learned of a new one. I learned the term BOHICA, which stands for “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again”. I think that’s my new favorite!

#Reverb11 – Invest

{For the month of December a fellow blogger, Melanie, and I are leading  #reverb11 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 20. Invest: What do you invest (your money, time, energy or all of the above) in that is so worth it to you?

I have SO many answers for this! What to pick, what to pick…

My hair. I spend what most would consider an exorbitant amount on my hair. I told the manfriend the amount one time and he just looked at me dumbfounded. See, he just buzzes his hair off about once and month and calls it good so the idea that I would drop that kind of coin on my hair is just beyond him. And I would agree with him except that it’s MY HAIR!

It’s taken me years to understand what my hair can and can not do. For years I tried styles and cuts that were just not right. Like the time I went SUPER short. Not a good plan. Or the perms of my youth. My hair is extremely straight and that’s just that. I also made some horrible hair color choices. Like the the time I decided black hair was a good idea. It was, in fact, a very bad, bad idea.

Now I know that on the blonder side, about shoulder length with layers is my best bet. Oh, and bangs. Bangs are also a good idea.

And now I have the added fun of grey hair. Someday I will own and rock the grey hair, but I’m just not ready for that.

With all of that in mind, each hair appointment, which happens every 10 weeks, consists of a cut, 3/4 highlight and color. I’m there for hours. Hours I tell you! But once you find the right person to do your hair (that would be Eddie at Pompadours Salon in Boulder), you stick with them, damn it! And let’s face it, your hair is the accessory you have on you at all times. For us ladies (and some men), that’s pretty important!

What about you? What’s worth it to you?

Bite me

I try hard to be a positive person and put out positive vibes and write positive posts on here. However, part of the purpose of this blog is to give reviews of things. I suppose that includes the good and the bad.

About a year ago I was talked into signing up for a Borders Rewards card. Over the past year I’ve been very pleased with their offerings. The coupons and discounts I get are amazing! And every in-store experience I’ve had has been very positive.

Last week I had $10 in Borders Bucks to spend and time was running out, so I decided to make an online purchase. The website would not cooperate. So I called customer service to place an order with them on the phone. I called multiple times over the next hour getting a busy signal each time. When’s the last time you got a busy signal?

So then I emailed customer service basically saying, “Your systems are a mess. I’d like an extension on those Borders Bucks as this is your issue, not mine.” The next day I receive a mass email communique from the CEO with sincere apologies about their system outages as well as an extension and $5 extra in Borders Bucks. Okay, sweet, thanks!

So, I went back to the site and loaded my cart up (mostly with used books – their selection is great) and went to check out. I used my $15 in Borders Bucks and qualified for free shipping. SCORE! I finished my transaction, hit BUY and…nothing. I won’t go into all the details, but I will say I again called Borders customer service (got through this time) and was assured everything was fine and given an order number. As of now I have no confirmation email about my order, no money has left my account, and there’s no record of my order in their system. Most of the used books I tried to buy are no longer available, as is my $15 in Borders Bucks.

So, I sent an email to customer service basically saying, “Hey, I’m trying to give you my money, and you’re making it very hard to do so. What gives?” I’ve yet to hear back.

Borders can bite me.

Feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck

Which is apropos since I was.

I was headed home after a killer workout with this dude and a killer session with this dudette. I had my windows down, warm air streaming in, radio off listening to the sounds of nature on Nelson Road, which is one of my favorite drives. I was looking forward a hot shower, a margarita, and a long, productive weekend.

A guy a three cars ahead of me stopped to let traffic pass so he could take a left. So, the three of us behind him stopped as well. The Dodge Dakota behind me did not stop.

All of us who did stop had to do so pretty abruptly. Whenever that happens I always check my rear view to make sure the person behind me is hip to the situation. In fact, I check my mirrors so often that I can usually tell you the color of the car behind me, to my right and to my left, etc. So I look up just in time to see this guy plow right into me. He was going about 45-50 miles per hour. It was unpleasant to say the least – the feeling of the impact and watching it happen behind me. I saw and felt all of it.

He was a SUPER nice guy. He joked at one point saying, “Well I guess my daughter is driving us to the CU/CSU game tomorrow.” “Go CU?” I said. “Of course!” He replied. “Good, we can still be friends then,” I said.

So here I sit with a sore neck, a headache, dizziness and exhaustion. The doctor said that an adrenaline shot like that (we were both shaking head to toe, the truck dude and I, after the crash) can make you really tired for a few days. The bizarre thing is how sore my left forearm and bicep is from gripping the steering wheel and bracing for the impact. Thank god I have a good massage therapist!

I’m not quite sure what they’ll do with my car. The photo doesn’t do it justice. However, the fact that my spare tire took a lot of the impact can only be a good thing. Perhaps I’ll have another chance to work with this guy!

Rearend of car dented in.

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