When Quaint Becomes Real


It’s a quaint quote, right? I used to read these things and think, “Oh, how profound! What a great outlook!” but I really had NO idea what it meant to actually live that way. I don’t know many people who would look at that and go, “Stooopid!” I mean, I’m sure they’re out there, but isn’t that kind of positivity something everyone strives for? At least most of the time? Am I just being naive?

I know what it means to live that way now. All the lessons that have been sent my way through the course of my life, particularly in my mid-30’s (and lets be honest, late 30’s at this point), have crafted me into a person who always strives to dance in the rain, no matter how hard it might be pouring. The alternative of mired down and miserable is just not for me.

Some days I do feel like I’m drowning. Some days I feel like I’m floating easily. Such is life, right? But I know that I float more than drown and that’s because I make a choice to do so. Optimism, positivity, happiness – sometimes it’s a choice I have to make, but it’s the choice I endeavor to make every time. Except for those rare days where I just lose my shit. Those happen too. We’re all entitled.





10 things I found online

Oh, the internet. There are so many things to love about you and hate about you all at the same time.

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Here are some things I’ve been loving lately.

  1. The craziest OKCupid date ever. I trying more and more to let go, not sweat the details, and just go with the flow and I’m loving it. This “date” seems extreme, terrifying, and exhilarating.
  2. This video about re-framing what it means to be a man in our society. Crucial stuff, peeps.
  3. This recipe for chia seed pudding. I always thought chia seed pudding would make me gag – the consistency seemed like it would be gross. But this is pretty much like eating a healthier tapioca or rice pudding, which are both things I like.
  4. This online store. It’s totally legit and the prices are insane. My new favorite thing in the whole world (aka fleece-lined leggings) came from here. Ladies, do yourselves a favor – buy about 10 pairs.
  5. This info-graphic reminding us that what you buy is important as there’s nothing more powerful than voting with your hard-earned cash!
  6. This hilarious article on foods that shouldn’t exist. I don’t agree with her on all points, but she’s hilarious nonetheless.
  7. How social media and online networks are making us lonelier.
  8. This site that will send you, for FREE, five pairs of glasses to try on. Once you make your decision, you send them back, place an order (whereby you submit your prescription) and they send you glasses for $95. I’m totally doing this.
  9. This great article (and the articles linking off of it) about dating a real man.
  10. This amazing video on how we spend our lives. I’m SO glad I watch very little TV! Now, for other ways to reclaim the time I have left…

Perspective & Inspiration

It feels silly to find perspective and inspiration from something as frivolous as Pintrest, but sometimes I just get smacked in the face by the things I see on there.







Confession Thursday

  1. Confession I love Mike Rowe. LOVE. Even more after this. Really, that video is worth your time. Promise.
  2. To stem off of number one, I think the fact the blue collar jobs are looked down on is sad and is getting this country in a lot of trouble. Again, I give you Mike Rowe.
  3. Riffing off of one and two, I’ll take a man in work boots and a truck over a man in a suit and a Lexus any day of the week. Despite my white collar upbringing, I melt for blue collar men.
  4. I had braces for five years. FIIIIIIIVE years. I’ve talked about this before. So, because of the time, money, energy, irritation, etc. that’s gone into my mouth, I take very good care of my teeth. So good that my dental hygienist told me at my recent cleaning, “Why do you even bother to come in here? There’s nothing for me to do. You’re wasting my time.” See mom and dad, it was money well spent!
  5. I usually cuss like a sailor. I’m working on this – trying to become a reformed potty mouth. I know this will disappoint some of you (hi AMB) and will make others happy (hi mom – the person whom I blame my mouth on, ironically, because that’s easier than being accountable). I’ll keep you posted.

Liebster Award

So, fellow blogger Melissa Caudill over at Missy’s Public Junk nominated me for a Liebster Award!

Cornfused? So was I. (Find out more here.)

Apparently this award is sort of a grassroots thing us little bloggers (as in people who have five followers – hi mom!) do for each other just to show some support and love for one and other as well help pass the word about great blogs. I’m really flattered that she nominated me!

In order to accept this nomination I have to do a few things:

  1. answer the questions Melissa tossed out in her nomination
  2. nominate a few of my favorite blogs
  3. ask my nominees 10 new questions

So, here goes…

My Answers to Melissa’s Questions:

{Please note, these answers are the ones given right now, right in this moment in my life. Ask tomorrow and the answer might be different…}

  1. How old were you when you first realized that you were a writer?
    I really got bitten by the writing bug in sixth grade. Our teacher was big on writing (journals, poetry, short stories, etc.) and I loved it. But I remember thinking I wanted to be an author in the fifth grade. Along with a fighter pilot and a lawyer. Ah, kids.
  2. If you had to choose one person in your life who was your biggest inspiration – good or bad – who would that person be?
    For reals? Can I skip this one? I have so many…
    In this season in my life, I would have to say my mom. For most of my childhood she was a stay-at-home mom when that was somewhat looked down upon. All of my friend’s moms worked and because of that, I knew how lucky we were to have her taking on that role. She’s not infallible, no one is, but she always did her best and she always, to this day, put her kids first. She’s an amazing person and I’m lucky to have her for a mom and a friend.
  3. What do you consider your biggest vice?
    Lately I would have to say gummy bears. I buy a carton of pre-packaged gnarly bear-ness every weekend and within days (mere days) they are gone. Pure chemical crap devoured. It needs to stop.
  4. Your biggest virtue?
    Lately I would have to say my ability to keep my chin up when the punches keep coming. This is a lesson I fully embodied years ago during a trip to Vegas. (Sometimes good things come out of trips to Vegas. Odd, but true.) I’ll share the story on here sometime when I’m feeling up for public ridicule.
  5. What do you consider your biggest passion (non-human passion, that is.  If you’re a parent, the standard answer is your children, I get it.  But I mean, what is your biggest passion)?
    Why so deep, Melissa? Sheesh. Okay, I guess I would have to say my biggest passion right now is taking care of myself. Heck, we all know I’ve got the free time, right? And I know that down the road taking care of myself will fall to the wayside (or be harder to find the time, money, motivation for), so I’m doing it now. Sounds selfish? Whatever. 
  6. What’s your favorite quote?  And why?
    “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast
    I love this quote because it so adequately describes how I feel on those first warm days of spring when I’m ready to shake off winter, but not ready for the heat of summer.
  7. What’s your favorite book?  And why?
    Lonesome Dove is my favorite book. It’s the characters I love. Specifically August McCrae. He started my love for a man in cowboy boots, there’s no question.
  8. What’s your fondest childhood memory?
    I think it’s a bunch of memories wrapped into one that all relate to my dad teaching me how to play softball. But the one that really sticks out, well…you’ll have to wait for it because now I’m inspired to blog about it! Yay for inspiration!
  9. Have you ever been published?  Do you want to be?
    I’ve been published in several local magazines and newspapers. There’s a rush to seeing your name in print, for sure.
  10. How often do you write?  Do you wish you had time to write more, or do you feel like you spend too much time writing as it is?
    Well, my writing is pretty much what you see here on this blog. I don’t do much writing outside of this space. Although, I did start an online, private (suckers) journal as a place to put all of the stuff I want to get out but would rather crawl on crushed glass than share here. I feel like I write as much as I want/need to right now. Sometimes, I feel obligated to blog because I know my five readers (hi, again, mom!) are waiting with baited breath (har), and sometimes I feel like an open well. It just depends.

My nominees are:

{Please note, some of these folks may not be the small fries I think they are – I have no clue what their site stats are. So no offense meant if you’re nominated and thinking, “Girl, please! I have 2,000 readers a day!” And I hope to nominate more down the road. But it seems I’m not very good at reading small blogs. I feel ashamed. I do.}

  1. Ovariation. I love, love, love her sense of humor and the way she uses words. I’m also nominating her in hopes that it might inspire her to write more. I miss reading your posts, Rachel!
  2. Clare, you there? If you want to read some straight-up, honest stuff, this is the blog for you. Her bravery and vulnerability is inspiring.

My questions for my nominees:

  1. If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
  2. Is there something you hated to eat as a kid that you love as an adult?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. What keeps you from blogging about the really difficult stuff in life? Or do you just say, “screw it!” and do it anyway?
  5. Have you ever received backlash from something you put on your blog? How did you handle it?
  6. If you were on death row, what would be your final meal?
  7. What’s one character trait you wish you had, but just can’t seem to muster?
  8. Is there something coming down the pipe in your life that you’re dreading? Or, better yet, really excited about? What is it? (Inquiring minds want to know…)
  9. What is your biggest pet peeve and how do you react to it?
  10. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what do you hope to come back as in your next life?
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