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Wow. It’s been a REALLY long time since I did one of these posts! I used to peruse Etsy all the time when I was bored. Now it’s Pintrest. Blame Pintrest.

My mom sent me a link to this shop the other day. Initially, I was not all that impressed. But then a few things caught my eye. And then I started to notice the intricacies in her work and fell in love with some amazing pieces!

These are my favorites:









Candy for your hand

When I lost my ring recently I launched a quest to find a new one. See, I’m a lover of pretty large jewelry and not having a giant ring on my right hand felt so, so, so very wrong. So very wrong.

I wanted something handmade and unique, like the ring I’d lost. It couldn’t be ordinary or something I would see on anyone else. So I headed to Etsy to poke around and found my new favorite shop, HardCandyGems. I don’t even know where to start. The stones are amazing, the setting is so unique, and the prices are just right. There are so many rings on here that I love, it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight, but here goes:






Considering I found my precious (nerd alert), I’ll have to wear rings from HardCandyGems judiciously. I wouldn’t want to offend my ring and have it take off on me again. But, I did end up buying something from Sara (who’s been lovely to work with) and have my eyes on a few others I’d like to own. I just couldn’t help it!

Check these out while you’re bored

You know, sitting around your house bored this weekend like a lazy ass not out enjoying what’s supposed to be a stellar weekend. No judgement…

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  3. Want to buy me a present? I’ll take this, please!
  4. And if you don’t like that gift idea, then this would work too! 
  5. But if you buy me these, I will never speak to you again.
  6. You might think your dog is smart, but unless it can do this, you’re kidding yourself.
  7. My new favorite Etsy shop.
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  10. The coolest boots ever and one of the first things I will purchase upon acquiring great wealth.


Today I turn 35 years old. Huh? Where have 35 years gone?

My dad, who turned 75 last year, is probably like, “Shut it you whipper-snapper!”

My mom is probably like, “No kidding, kid. Where HAVE 35 years gone?”

Aging is an odd thing. I’m not too wrapped up in a fear of aging as I think I’m doing it rather well so far. But I want to age in the most healthy way possible by taking the best possible care of my body. Because, let’s face it, it’s just going to get harder and harder to do from here!

I look at old pictures of myself and think, “Man! You were so hard on yourself! You looked better than you gave yourself credit for.” I want to stop doing that – stop being so hard on myself and my body, but without loosing consciousness about my health and well being. I don’t want to look back in another 35 years and think, “Man! You were so hard on yourself! You looked better than you gave yourself credit for.”

And so my gift to myself is to make my 35th year my healthiest. And then to carry those habits into the next 35 years. And to be kinder to myself.  Oh, and one of these purses. Or maybe this one. When I make up my mind!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, it’s been EONS since I did an Etsy post. Sorry about that. I think I got a little burnt out. However, I couldn’t pass up blogging about a new shop.

My sister’s friend Sanja is a very creative and stylish person. She’s an interior designer and also makes these amazing mosaic mirrors. My sister, Mallory, had one commissioned for our little bro’s wedding gift. I’ve not yet seen it, but I’m sure it’s amazing. Mallory also has one hanging in her house and I just love that thing!

At Mallory’s birthday get-together last year my mom and Sanja got to talking about these mirrors. Mom suggested that Sanja start selling them on Etsy. Low and behold, she’s opened a shop! My mom takes full credit for the idea and it seems as though Sanja’s willing to give it to her. I, of course, take credit on telling my mom about Etsy. So really, I’m the one who got this all started. Ha. See how that works?

If you do nothing other than go and look, you won’t be sorry you did. Some day soon I’ll have one of these puppies hanging in my house. I just know it!

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