Ooh! Thank you Target!

I really love it when Target brings in pricey designer stuff at a fraction of the normal cost.  Case in point? Liberty of London

Starting March 14th, Target will be carrying all sorts of Liberty of London goodies including fashions for the whole family as well as home and garden goods. Supposedly this will be the largest offering Target’s had to date featuring an outside brand.

I love the vintage floral prints these guys put out and I’ll defintley be picking up a few things!

UPDATE: click here to see a preview of more items. This previe doens’t even delve into the fashion items they’ll have. I’m so excited!

UPDATE 2: Well, I spent over an hour scouring my local Target and picked up several cute things. I was, however, very disappointed by what the store had to offer on the clothing front. So, I looked online and pretty much everything I was really interested in is sold-out already. So bummed!

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  1. Erin F

     /  February 19, 2010

    I think that Target has an anglophile thing going on, because they’ve been carry Boots items for a while now. Hard to imagine how the Liberty collection is going to be larger than the Boots stuff (which, btw, is makeup and beauty supply kinds of things.)

    Now if we could get them to carry H&M, right?

  2. Dang! These are cute. I’m thinkin’ I need some!

  3. Erin F

     /  February 20, 2010

    I was thinking about this some more, and if you like Liberty patterns, there is a fabric shop in town that carries their line: http://www.elfriedesfinefabrics.com

  4. So pretty! You are so on top of it Annie! How do you hear about these things?!

    • Thanks, Teresa! To be honest, this announcement is all over the place (on blogs, in style mags, etc.). Target is doing a big promo on it now it stores. I’m excited!


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